A bug


Can you see it?

Some how,
while I was taking this picture,
a tiny little bug of some sort
decided to join the beauty of
my pansy and I didn’t even notice.

Seems like life can often throw in little “bugs”.

I don’t just mean the annoying flies in summer or the random moth in the lamp, but rather the little things which act as an irritation in our day.

Since I am blessed to live in the country I find I have little tolerance for traffic when in town.

It bugs me to not go where I want when I want.

Other times it is the little things like runs in panty hose or the squeaky belt in the van or the tube of toothpaste squeezed in the middle that cause an annoyance which robs me of my joy.

This morning it was a miscommunication.

I heard one thing and what was said was completely different.

We discussed it and got things fixed,
yet I had to work at rebuilding joy in my day.

Why are little things so intrusive?

How can things bug me in such a way?

My mind goes back to a DVD my children received at Christmas.

It is a cartoon version of Corrie ten Boom ‘ s story.

In part of the story she and her sister Betsy are praying while laying in some hay in the dorm of the concentration camp.

They keep scratching while praying.

Corrie finally sighs deeply and thanks God for the fleas which are driving them crazy.

My children always giggle at this juncture and the first time I heard them I reprimanded them.

“Mom, we are giggling because God uses the fleas.”

They were right.

Because of the infestation of fleas the guards refused to enter that dorm so the woman enjoyed listening to Corrie read the Bible without fear of punishment.


God can use anything.

Even bugs.

So I look at the photo of the pansy and praise the Lord for the bug.


Because I don’t have to be annoyed by the little things which bug me.

Instead I can turn my face upward and praise God that He’s working,
even through the bugs.

4 thoughts on “A bug

  1. Linda Ashton

    It is so true about the small irritating things that can take our mind from joy and take joy from our day. I have often found that we can learn from these moments…things like patience, understanding, and compassion. As mothers we learn to translate small irritations into all of those, including joy.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I saw charity’s post on Facebook and started reading your blogs. Very insightful and often beautiful.

  2. MB

    Our house had black ants for several years. In summer they were such a pain, they were everywhere! Recently mum noticed some suspicious looking termite damage along our skirting boards. When the pest control guys came to check it out they confirmed it was termite damage but could find no sign of them… God had used the black ants to get rid of the termites!! Black ants and white ants don’t mix. (However if anyone takes this as a sign that you shouldn’t get termite damage checked out please don’t misunderstand and call pest control first!)

    1. hopekrissie Post author

      Thank you for sharing another example of how God uses things we look at as just an annoyance. I am so glad you’re mum had the pest control out as termite damage can cost so much! šŸ™‚


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