My name is Hope and I am patiently waiting the return of Jesus to the earth He created, died for and is coming one day to reign. Until then I am a simple girl who loves others but especially my husband, our three daughters and one son. I write because it is my way of sharing who I am and what is going on in my heart. Written words hold such depth and personality and I find myself being able to express my heart better in them than anything I could speak. So dear reader, I hope you are blessed by what you read and encouraged, for that is what I want my life to stand for: hope in the One that made us, for He is mine.
There are times that I wonder if the daily effort to get up, smile, and move into whatever the day holds is spent well or am I living a sheltered life? But God continues to be with me and as I walk into each day I pray that He is honored.

Am I perfect? Nope! (Just ask my kids!)

Do I lose sight of the purpose and focus on myself? Sometimes. (Just ask anyone that knows me.)

Will He be there no matter what? Absolutely!


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