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Translation please!


I came home to these,

on my dining room table,

next to my lunch.

I wasn’t too surprised.

Our son received a bug science kit for his birthday and we’ve been graced with a sliverfish, several flies, and a cat flea to observe in the cool plastic holders.

I just wasn’t expecting them on the table next to my lunch.

I didn’t even mention that some people would find it rather inhibiting to their appetite.

I didn’t need a translation or explanation.

I understood why it was sitting next to my food.

Our boy wanted me to see it first thing and I normally eat lunch right after work.

A memory surfaced while eating with the flies.

When Jase was four or five we lived in a two story house.

I was upstairs working on the computer and Jase brought me something.

“Look Momma, he’s my friend!  He likes me!”

I looked over to see a honeybee crawling around on his fingers.

“Oh! Well…” (don’t panic and upset either of them!) “I think he would like it some much more outside in the sunshine!  Why don’t you take him outside!”

And he eventually was convinced the bee would like the outdoors.

Or the other time when he was 3 and came running in to show me something.

He was so excited about it he couldn’t get his words out more than,  “Look! Look!”

How he managed the next set of events I really can’t say.

What I can tell you is as he tried to climb up into my lap to show me the freshly dug worm he was so excited he dropped it…down the front of my shirt.


When he lost his prize he then was very upset about it being damaged and instantly wanted to retrieve it.

I was able to extract the worm without damaging it and made certain he took it back outside.

I remember thinking only mothers of small boys would be able to get how I felt at that moment.

And there have been so many more moments with our son.

We had one yesterday.

We watched I Am Potential.

If you’ve not seen it, it’s worth watching.

When it was over our son looked at me and said,  “Why has God made me so different? Why is everything so hard and people don’t understand me?”

I was able to remind him of Patrick Henry.

He says the same thing in the movie.

“Why did God make me so different? ”

Then I reminded our son of how God has used Patrick Henry to share encouragement and the truth of Who God is with many many people.

“Do you think God has a plan for my life too?”

I had to work at keeping my voice soft and not allowing too much emotion.

“Absolutely buddy. Absolutely!  We just don’t know what it is yet.”

Those were words which struck deep.

His voice became stronger and he held his head up.

He began to explain why the movie and other movies like Wonder were an encouragement to him.

They were people who were different from others, people who were often misunderstood.

“I know what that feels like, Mom.”

“I know how that hurts.”

I grabbed my phone and we watched some videos of David Ring and Nick Vuijcic.

What a joy to watch our son realize that no matter how the world sees him, he’s valuable in the eyes of God.

It’s a truth each of us needs to remember.

Each and every person is valued.

I am and so are you.

How I react to life needs to be from the view point of each person’s worth to my Lord Jesus, including my own.

Dear Father,

Thank You for this wonderful reminder and a chance to teach our son his value. Please help him to fully understand how much You love him. Help him to learn what You have planned for him. Show him Yourself. Please continue to teach me how to be his translator. Help me to know how to help him. Again, thank You for Your never ending loving-kindness, mercy, and truth. I love You, Jesus. ♡

A bug


Can you see it?

Some how,
while I was taking this picture,
a tiny little bug of some sort
decided to join the beauty of
my pansy and I didn’t even notice.

Seems like life can often throw in little “bugs”.

I don’t just mean the annoying flies in summer or the random moth in the lamp, but rather the little things which act as an irritation in our day.

Since I am blessed to live in the country I find I have little tolerance for traffic when in town.

It bugs me to not go where I want when I want.

Other times it is the little things like runs in panty hose or the squeaky belt in the van or the tube of toothpaste squeezed in the middle that cause an annoyance which robs me of my joy.

This morning it was a miscommunication.

I heard one thing and what was said was completely different.

We discussed it and got things fixed,
yet I had to work at rebuilding joy in my day.

Why are little things so intrusive?

How can things bug me in such a way?

My mind goes back to a DVD my children received at Christmas.

It is a cartoon version of Corrie ten Boom ‘ s story.

In part of the story she and her sister Betsy are praying while laying in some hay in the dorm of the concentration camp.

They keep scratching while praying.

Corrie finally sighs deeply and thanks God for the fleas which are driving them crazy.

My children always giggle at this juncture and the first time I heard them I reprimanded them.

“Mom, we are giggling because God uses the fleas.”

They were right.

Because of the infestation of fleas the guards refused to enter that dorm so the woman enjoyed listening to Corrie read the Bible without fear of punishment.


God can use anything.

Even bugs.

So I look at the photo of the pansy and praise the Lord for the bug.


Because I don’t have to be annoyed by the little things which bug me.

Instead I can turn my face upward and praise God that He’s working,
even through the bugs.