Here it goes.

I’m 38 today.

It’s a little bit startling,
but I’m super thankful.

You see about four years ago my life changed dramatically.

And I made a few promises to the Lord which I intend to hold to for the rest of my life.

One of these is to rejoice in His grace each of my birthdays.

The reason being,
I wasn’t certain four years ago I would have another one.

Being aware of your frailty brings a few things into view which would otherwise go unnoticed.

1) My age is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I am always going to speak my age with joy (even when it seems odd) because I have no guarantee of reaching another.

2) Each day (even the difficult ones) are a special gift.

How I choose to look at my circumstances, react to my neighbors, even in how I spend 15 min can reflect on whether or not I’m leaning on the Lord. After all each day is from Him, I should rely on Him to direct it.

3) People are far more important than tasks.

I know I’ve stated it before and there are those who know this naturally. I’m not one of them. I get all wrapped up in my lists and scheduling and miss the people all around me.

4) Each person’s value was complete at their conception.

My worth to God will never depend on what I do. He paid the value long before. So in each way I am able to serve Him is actually for my benefit as it draws me ever closer to Him. The only thing I can ever do that changes anything is to believe in Christ Jesus as my Saviour. Even when I’m so ill I can not care for myself, He values me.

5) You can never be too thankful nor too loving.

As I lay on my back, being wheeled into the operating room full of strangers, with exception of my doctor, I tried hard to thank each one. It was tough because I kept crying. But I desperately wanted them to know I appreciated what they were doing for me. In my eyes they were saving my life.

As I received visit after visit from so many people both in our home and at different church functions I felt the enormous love and concern of others. At one point the kitchen was full of teenage boys who had brought over a banquet their mother had prepared for our family. I was amazed as their own home has more than 8 members.

As I have lived day in and out since recovery I’ve been impressed at the need to be loved all around me. The lady at the grocery store, the girls on our basketball team, the friends I’ve had for years, even my own children and parents and siblings. Saying a heartfelt “I love you!” never gets old.

I’m 38 today.

And I wonder what the future holds.

And I thank God for what He’s taught me this far.

And I pray
He will help me
live out the lessons
He’s given.

And I praise Him
for today.

11 thoughts on “38

  1. Ronda Rust

    I love you Hope. I wish you a day filled with heavenly joy. May your birthday be blessed beyond belief. Happy 38th Birthday, my friend.

    1. hopekrissie Post author

      I love you, Ronda! Thank you for the wishes. I am definitely blessed beyond belief! You are one of the many people who are the way I’m blessed! 🙂

  2. LeeAnn Starr

    Amazing Amazing Grace!!!:):):) God still amazes me….my life was threatened in 2012….. birthdays are very very special….9/11/1967:):):) lol……Jesus bless my sister with your surprises of love today as we cherish our days!!

  3. Lora Ressler

    As is your standard my dear friend truth spoken in love and humility. Love and Miss you and your beautiful family Hope! Happy 38th birthday!!! Enjoy every minute and I know you’ll be spoiled as you deserve to be.

  4. Terri Burkhert

    I pray you had a fantastic birthday! I love you dear friend! One of these we are really going to sit down & chat! Thank you for being such a blessing!


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