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The Lord has blessed me with life and in living each day I have found the struggles, joys, and triumphs to be each an opportunity to encourage those around me.

Translation please!


I came home to these,

on my dining room table,

next to my lunch.

I wasn’t too surprised.

Our son received a bug science kit for his birthday and we’ve been graced with a sliverfish, several flies, and a cat flea to observe in the cool plastic holders.

I just wasn’t expecting them on the table next to my lunch.

I didn’t even mention that some people would find it rather inhibiting to their appetite.

I didn’t need a translation or explanation.

I understood why it was sitting next to my food.

Our boy wanted me to see it first thing and I normally eat lunch right after work.

A memory surfaced while eating with the flies.

When Jase was four or five we lived in a two story house.

I was upstairs working on the computer and Jase brought me something.

“Look Momma, he’s my friend!  He likes me!”

I looked over to see a honeybee crawling around on his fingers.

“Oh! Well…” (don’t panic and upset either of them!) “I think he would like it some much more outside in the sunshine!  Why don’t you take him outside!”

And he eventually was convinced the bee would like the outdoors.

Or the other time when he was 3 and came running in to show me something.

He was so excited about it he couldn’t get his words out more than,  “Look! Look!”

How he managed the next set of events I really can’t say.

What I can tell you is as he tried to climb up into my lap to show me the freshly dug worm he was so excited he dropped it…down the front of my shirt.


When he lost his prize he then was very upset about it being damaged and instantly wanted to retrieve it.

I was able to extract the worm without damaging it and made certain he took it back outside.

I remember thinking only mothers of small boys would be able to get how I felt at that moment.

And there have been so many more moments with our son.

We had one yesterday.

We watched I Am Potential.

If you’ve not seen it, it’s worth watching.

When it was over our son looked at me and said,  “Why has God made me so different? Why is everything so hard and people don’t understand me?”

I was able to remind him of Patrick Henry.

He says the same thing in the movie.

“Why did God make me so different? ”

Then I reminded our son of how God has used Patrick Henry to share encouragement and the truth of Who God is with many many people.

“Do you think God has a plan for my life too?”

I had to work at keeping my voice soft and not allowing too much emotion.

“Absolutely buddy. Absolutely!  We just don’t know what it is yet.”

Those were words which struck deep.

His voice became stronger and he held his head up.

He began to explain why the movie and other movies like Wonder were an encouragement to him.

They were people who were different from others, people who were often misunderstood.

“I know what that feels like, Mom.”

“I know how that hurts.”

I grabbed my phone and we watched some videos of David Ring and Nick Vuijcic.

What a joy to watch our son realize that no matter how the world sees him, he’s valuable in the eyes of God.

It’s a truth each of us needs to remember.

Each and every person is valued.

I am and so are you.

How I react to life needs to be from the view point of each person’s worth to my Lord Jesus, including my own.

Dear Father,

Thank You for this wonderful reminder and a chance to teach our son his value. Please help him to fully understand how much You love him. Help him to learn what You have planned for him. Show him Yourself. Please continue to teach me how to be his translator. Help me to know how to help him. Again, thank You for Your never ending loving-kindness, mercy, and truth. I love You, Jesus. ♡


Simple rest


It was a beautiful sight.

Snow makes things so lovely.

I was happy for the beauty and the break in routine.

School was canceled for the day.

We still worked at home on school, but it was nice not to have to go anywhere.

I find I’m weary.

I’m worn out with sorrow and pain and illness.

Yet, the snow is a wonderful reminder of rest.

Many animals sleep all through the harshest weather.

Although I’m not planning on hibernation, sounds fun though, I can trust God to bring the rest I need just as the animals trust there will be a Spring.

Just this morning a dear friend was texting me encouragement in the Bible to rest in trusting God.

It was very timely as I had to remind myself and one of our children of the exact same thing later in the day when we were both facing hurt and disappointment.

My daughter smiled softly and said, “God keeps telling me to just trust Him. That’s all He says over and over.”

I had to nod my head as I’ve heard the same thing.

So, as I learn to lean back in His plan and His will, I’m looking for the opportunity to rest.

I am tired of saying, “Oh, I’m just tired today.”

The truth is deeper.

I should be saying, “Oh, I’m struggling with a few things, but Jesus is teaching me more about trust.”

I know there will come a beautiful Spring.

I know rest is around the next bend.

I know the Lord Jesus is faithful.

Simple rest = simply trusting.



I love this picture.

And as you can tell our son isn’t blind.

He does struggle with understanding and often times life gives him circumstances where he can’t see how to respond.

So, although he’s not physically blind, at times he seems to be blind to how to proceed.

And I get that.

I’ve felt like that on more than one occasion.

I’ve been sharing how God has been walking me through some circumstances which are changing and growing me.

And a few nights back, I had another moment with the Lord Jesus.

I was watching a documentary.

(Monumental with Kirk Cameron, it’s terrific!)

A large portion of it is about the Pilgrims.

As you may already know I’m a huge fan of the Pilgrims and love history in general.

Yet, I needed to see some of the places and hear of their struggles to be reminded of what they truly were willing to sacrifice.

It is easy to be blind to the sacrifices of others.

I live a comfortable, free adulthood all because many, many others were willing to sacrifice.

My husband’s family has had at least one person in every major American war.

His father served in Vetnam.

My own father served our country in the Korean War.

My mother’s mother is a direct decedent from a man who fought in the Revolutionary War.

How easy it is to allow everyday circumstances to blind me to all the blessings I take for granted.

So how to fix blindness?

Well, glasses or surgery can be options for physical blindness.

What about the blindness of the heart?

In my case, it was a lack of thankfulness.

In my daily pursuits, I’d let go of the remembrance of others’ sacrifices.

The movie helped me to see and remember the great costs of those who came before me.

In the Bible God instituted the Passover and the building of a large group of boulders to help the Israelites to remember.

Around my house I have crosses, and paintings of Jesus to remind us of the ultimate sacrifice.

Yet, I find I want to do more.

I want to be diligent to remember all God has done for me.

I want to be thankful for all the people He has brought along the years who have blessed me.

I want to have 20-20 vision when it comes to the reality if just how blessed I truly am.

Dear Jesus,

Please help me to never forget how great You are. Help me to focus on the blessings which each day are ever apparent. Thank You again for the manifold blessing of salvation!

Put out


Nope, the dog didn’t get put out.

In fact this picture was proof that he can live with cats.

He just didn’t realize it before.

What’s great about this picture is the cat was on the bed first.

She didn’t move a muscle when he came to relax on his bed.

For some reason this little kitty has won the dog over.

And he gets to stay in the house, because he is very careful not to molest either baby cat.

Just yesterday an older gentleman looked at me and said, “Well you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

He was referring to his struggle with learning something new and he didn’t say it as an excuse but to explain his difficulty.

Yet, he turned right around and tried again to conquer the thing which was the struggle.

He didn’t allow his age to put him out.

Little did I realize at the time, but God would teach me about putting something out.

At some unhealthy hour I woke.

I couldn’t go back to sleep so I began praying.

To my disgust I began to cry.

What on earth is wrong with me?

Why am I feeling so many emotions?

Nothing horrible is occurring so where is the reason for the tears?


It’s not complicated.

We’ve been through a lot lately.

And the emotions were tied to fear.

All kinds of silly ones.

As I prayed and sifted through the jumbled emotions the picture became clear.

My physical body is weak which pointed directly to my inadequacies.

This led to fear of being unable to…you name it, whatever fits!

The crazy thing about it all is I’m always unable.

The only reason I’m accomplishing anything at all is through Jesus Christ.

How silly to cry over something I’ve never been able to do!

Of course emotions are not always rational.

The simple truth,
the reality of the fact that I was struggling with fear helped me choose to trust.

I changed my prayers and began asking for faith to trust Him more.

I began to thank Him for all He has already done.

I thanked Him for all He is going to do, because no matter what, I know He will be with me.

I was able to let go of things I hadn’t realized I was holding on to.

Then I began to pray for things in our future.

No I wasn’t telling the Lord how I expect it to go.

Instead I was standing before the Lord on behalf of the people who will be in our future.

Our children will one day be adults.

I prayed for them.

Most people grow up and get married, so I prayed for the people who would marry our children, whoever they are.

I prayed for our friends and the things God is working in their lives.

And I prayed for myself, that I would turn away from fear and striving in my own strength.

And at some point the alarm went off.

I had gone back to sleep and awoke to a new day.

It wasn’t just another day.

It was a day begun with fear put out.

And I’m here to say, it has been a truly lovely day.



God’s creation is an amazing thing.

People are also God’s creation.

Yet God created mankind to have a relationship with each one.

He loves us as individuals.

He has a purpose and a plan for each one of us.

The longer I walk with the Lord the more I see Him working.

This winter has been a season of deep teaching for me and for our family.

I’ve been in some difficult circumstances in the past and these weeks have matched the emotional growth of past trials.

I’ve been reading the book of James.

Several verses have stood out for me to meditate on.

” My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience, but let patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing,” James 1:2-4 NKJV

What this verse has been teaching me in this season is to rest in the arms of Jesus, no matter the circumstances.

Yes, I can have peace even when life around me is falling apart.

Yes, I can have peace even when I am helplessly watching my children suffer.

Yes, I can have peace when I’m uncertain of tomorrow, for tomorrow Jesus will still be with me.

As I’ve walk through these days of trial God has shown me the depth of His great care.

He is holding each one of us.

He is providing every breath I breathe.

He is the reason I can rest and have peace in the trial.

Dear reader, I must give you a warning.

If you are anything like me, when struggles come you look to work harder, or try more, or simply want to “fix” it quick so life can be better.

However, in this season God has taught me how futile that truly is.

Many times He has wanted to use a trial to teach me something and I was so focused on getting it “fixed” I learned nothing.

When in a trial there truly can be joy in learning.

To walk through an extreme difficulty and knowing God is hold you, watching Him work out every detail is incredible.

And it’s not over yet.

We are still in the midst of the trial, but I have peace and joy knowing God is holding us.

Whatever you are walking through today, relinquish control into Jesus’ capable hands.

“God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble. Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4: 6b-8a

Rest in His arms.

He’s holding you.



I know it looks like a basketball something.

However, it’s actually dance class.

Bell and a good friend of our family are trying out a few West Coast Swing steps.

My husband and I had been asked to give a few private lessons to another family.

They also happen to be the assistant coach for our basketball team.

So we met after practice one day and had a blast.

I was surprised by how much fun we all had.

I am not a dance instructor, neither is my hubby.

We have danced for years.

As a teen my hubby took professional lessons and has enjoyed it ever since.

Being a member of the FFA, I learned a few of the simplest steps to keep from being a wall flower at the FFA dances.

Together we have danced at weddings and other social events when there was the opportunity.

We have danced in our living room.

When our oldest girl was a Senior her friend, who planned to be her date at Prom, asked that we teach them so they’d actually get to dance at the dance.

We did and all of us enjoyed it.

Her husband learned to dance when they became engaged.

It was one of the best parts of their wedding, all of us dancing together.

We’ve had a total of 2 dance classes with our Assistant coach and his lovely family.

At the end of the class we chatted and decided we’d invite others who also expressed interest in learning.

Then we’re going to rent the local Grange and actually have a dance.

I am looking forward to it.

Life crowds in with so many priorities.

Yet, I know God wants us to fellowship and spend time with one another.

What better way to do that than to stretch out of the routine.



She’s cast free!

Praise the Lord!

The doctor carefully explained her arm would feel weak and sore from lack of use.

However, that cast was a needed thing.

Her broken arm had to be kept inside the cast to protect it from further injury.

What a wonderful reminder.

The Bible gives us guidelines to live by.

We as Christians are supposed to be involved in one another’s lives.

We are to allow our fellow believers to hold us accountable.

Yet how easy it is to be distant, closed off, even with those who love us.

Although we may separate from others in an effort to protect ourselves from further harm we must realize that separation can cause atrophy.

Unless Jesus is inside our hearts and speaking daily into our lives a slow decline will occur.

Unless we as Christians are open and honest about our daily struggles with one another we can become blind to ourselves and our choices.

Am I suggesting that we post all our imperfections on the church website?

Absolutely NOT.

The Bible doesn’t say that either.

What it does say is to have relationships with other believers which are safe and honorable.

Relationship which encourages and sharpens the character of each.

This kind of relationship can only thrive with Jesus in the center.

Which is why no matter the circumstances, we have to have Jesus.

Jesus must be inside our hearts and lives and relationships.

Only He can heal.

Just like Anne’s arm our emotions are weak and prone to hurt, but with the Bible to guide and direct, with godly friends to comfort and exhort,(and each of these gifts are from God) we can grow stronger.

Jesus makes all the difference.

Allow Him to heal those things which might be hurting.

Let Him inside your heart today.