Wild flowers


It just isn’t the same.

As often as I have tried,
never have I succeeded,
in capturing the true beauty
of a wildflower on film.

I know others are able.

I just haven’t had the experience or possibly the time to truly record the essence of one small delicate wild beauty.

However I often find the same thing in people.

Too often a photograph or even a few lines fails to capture the beauty within.

There are many people in my life who are just not fully characterized in a line or two.

They’re depth of personality,
the meaning of their everyday responses,
the influence upon myself and others around them,
the blessings of just knowing them.

None of these is able to be recorded by any words I can use to describe them.

I was singing along with a song and stopped to think about the words.

“I want to live,¬† like there’s no tomorrow, love like I’m on borrowed time. It’s good to be alive!”

When was the last time I told anyone near me of their value?

Do I really love and live in such a way as to show those who are of such amazing value in my life that they are?

People are like wildflowers, deep beauty but you can never be certain of how long you will enjoy the benefits of being near them.

“As for man, his days are like  grass; As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.” Ps. 103:15

David goes on to say that just as the wind blows over a wildflower and it is gone the same can be of man.

He speaks of the only thing which remains constant and enduring: God and His righteousness.

So, I thank the Lord for the long list of people who are so valuable.

Thank Him for blessing me with each one.

And as walk through my days this month I will be praying for opportunities to let those around me know how valuable they really are.

Because I can be certain of only a few things.

I want one of those to be: the people I value know how much they really mean to me.

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