September 29, 2022

Proverbs 8:12-13 NKJV — “I, wisdom, dwell with prudence, And find out knowledge and discretion. The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way And the perverse mouth I hate.”

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your wisdom. Thank You for Your Word which gives clear instruction. Please, help me to recognize evil quickly and turn away from it. Lord, please help me to remember to love my enemies, even while I am rejecting wickedness. Lord, keep me from perverse speech, deal quickly with pride and arrogance in my heart. Lord, that I might repent and be cleansed. Thank You for Your faithful patient endurance, teaching and training me, showing me the way to go. Lord, please help me to encourage others and focus upon the good You are working in their lives. Please let my words be edifying and my actions honorable before You. Lord, thank you for continuing to build my foundation through your word on the council of Holy Spirit. I praise your Holy name Jesus. Amen.


“You’re familiar with the Navigators?”

I nodded.

“My father and his twin brother were mentored by Troutman. There is a picture of them in the biography written about his life.”

“I’d love to read that if you have a copy of it!” My enthusiasm evident in my tone.

(Reading biographies on heroes of the faith encourages me.)

He smiled and left the room.

Upon returning, he handed me an aged copy with the dustcover still intact.

I was excited to read about the man God used to start the ministry.

(My husband’s brother was loved and discipled by a Navigator while in the Air Force.)

“Oh! Thank you! I’ll be very careful with it and get it back as soon as possible.”

That was months ago, but I’ve been reading it steadily of late.

I’m past halfway, but not finished.

My heart has been challenged by the practical foundation Troutman laid with new believers.

He believed the Bible was true and should be applied daily to one’s life.

One of the ways he encouraged others to do this was something he did: memorize scripture.

He took these verses literally:

Proverbs 7:2-3 NKJV — Keep my commands and live, And my law as the apple of your eye. Bind them on your fingers; Write them on the tablet of your heart.

Troutman and his fellow laborers, came up with many materials to help people grow in Bible memorization as well as Bible study.

One of the things they put together was four verses for memory work to ground new believers in the truth of their belief.

After, reading these, my heart was pricked.

I’ve learned these truths, but never memorized scripture to give me a direct reference to refer back to.

Last night, we decided to start on the first one.

I’m looking forward to memorizing each verse and building not only my own spiritual foundation, but also encouraging our teens.


Hebrews 4:12 KJV — For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

I want that kind of truth written on the tablet of my heart.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for these verses and others, telling us the importance of reading, meditating, and applying Your Word. Lord, thank You for the practical applications to our everyday lives. Lord Jesus, I am so blessed by Your gifts! Thank You for those men and women who have left such a rich legacy of faith for us. Lord, thank You for encouraging me through the life of another. Thank You for Your guidance and direction and provision. Truly, You are worthy of all praise, honor, and glory! May my life bring glory to Your name, this day. I love You, Jesus. Amen.


Like these weeds disrupting the beauty of the landscape, worry often clutters my perspective.

I wrestled with it throughout the month of August.

Then, when I least expected it, God rolled in.

He is always faithful and on time.

And I was ashamed of my struggle, because I know how to walk in trust, I just hadn’t.

Yet, the Lord brought this recent lesson to mind as I was worrying about a different circumstance, two weeks ago.

He followed up the memory with a question:

Didn’t I supply your need then?

“Yes, Lord! You did. I’m so sorry for falling prey to worry. Please forgive me.”

And the peace flowed into my heart displacing worry and removing it completely.


“Lord, thank You. I’m so blessed to have Your patient guidance and direction. I know You will supply all our needs.”

“I trust You, Jesus.”

Anne noticed the change in my demeanor.

“What is it, Mom?”

“Oh, I’ve been worrying about something and the Lord reminded me: He is our provision.”

She smiled.


This began a discussion about things she’d been struggling with and we were both encouraged in the Lord.

I am humbled by God and His patient, faithful, teaching.

I’m amazed at how He allows me to admit my faults and brings good out of my errors.

To willingly speak of His lessons and His blessings from my experiences, both good and bad, is a testimony of His power to change the hearts of those who are called by His name.

My prayer is to never chose what I know is wrong, nor to neglect what I know is right, but when I do transgress, that God would correct me quickly and I would be able to grow through the experience.

I can say that He is answering that prayer and teaching me the beauty of humility.

Then, days after this, He blessed my heart with a solution to the thing I’d been struggling with.

And I hadn’t done a thing to solve the problem, He did it.

God is faithful.

God is good.

His ways are perfect.

That doesn’t mean everything is always comfortable and easy.

Rather, it means I am learning daily to rest more and more in His ways, trusting that I can find good in every circumstance, for He is with me.

Praise the Lord!

1 Corinthians 1:9 KJV — God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your faithfulness! Thank You for Your patient lessons, teaching me each day. Lord, it would be easy to beat myself up for my lack of faith in You, but I’d rather spend the time praising You for Your faithfulness! For You have used these things to build monuments in my heart, that I can look at and chose to walk in faith today. Lord, thank You for using these things to grow and strengthen me. I know You are working. I know You are trustworthy. I know You are God and I need not always understand what You are doing, but I can always trust that it is good, because You are good. May my life bring glory to Your name, Jesus. Amen.

September 28, 2022

Matthew 6:33 KJV — But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your Word. Thank You that Your ways are life, truth, and joy. Lord, thank You that through Your salvation, we have hope of eternity. Through Your sacrifice, I can say, “this world is not my home”. Lord, thank You for reminding me that my focus must be upon You and Your kingdom. That our days here on earth are simply a pilgrimage. How blessed we are to have Your Word! Lord, the entirety of scripture is vital to our growth, our spiritual health. Please continue to open my understanding through Your Holy Spirit and walk me forward into Your truth. Lord, I humbly request You meet those who are hurting right in the midst of their pain. Lord, please continue to protect the innocent and be the help of the helpless. Lord, please return those who know You and have wandered away back to Yourself. Thank You that You are reaching the lost with Your truth. Let those who turn to You be established in their walk through Your Word. Thank You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

Open wide!

One of my earliest memories is standing on the footboard of my parents’ bed as my father carefully explained why I had to go to the dentist.

I didn’t want to go to the dentist.

It sounded scary, but it seemed really important to both my parents, so of course I agreed.

That began years of appointments to both a dentist and a therapist to try to correct my severe overbite.

I had four molars removed, because my teeth were so big in my little mouth.

As a teen I had braces for 4 years, correcting all that was wrong with my teeth.

And I’m very thankful to my parents for all the time and money they put into my mouth.

I’ve been told often, that I have a beautiful smile.

As an adult, I have gone to the dentist, but rarely.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I broke a tooth last week.

But I was.

I’ll be honest, I was tempted to feel sorry for myself, but I felt instantly that the Lord was with me.

I knew, I had done this to myself in not taking better care of my teeth.

I got a hold of my dentist and the earliest they could get me in was today.

It’s really poor timing, I’ve had to rearrange my schedule.

And I’m feeling nervous.

But I’ve been praying about it and this morning the Lord answered through a friend.

She sent me this verse:

Psalm 81:10 NKJV — I am the LORD your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt; Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.

It spoke so clearly to me that God understands and has already provided.

Today, I’ve gained a whole new perspective for the words: Open wide!

When they are spoken by my Lord and Savior I can respond with joy and assurance that it will be good.

And when spoken by my dentist or hygienist, I can trust that God is using them to help me have healthy teeth.

Psalm 81 continues and this verse stuck out as well.

Psalm 81:13 NKJV — “Oh, that My people would listen to Me, That Israel would walk in My ways!

Following through on those things I know are right is walking in God’s ways and today I’m choosing to do so with a grateful heart.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your Word and the promises therein. Please forgive me for neglecting my teeth and refusing to get them checked regularly. Thank You for the area of dental health and how blessed we are to have people who know how to treat our teeth. Please bless my dentist today and all his staff. Thank You for Your patience with me. Thank You for Your promises and the wonderful gifts in Your Word. Lord, I want to listen to You. I want to walk in Your ways. Thank You for continuing to hone my heart and speak clearly. Lord, as I open my mouth wide today I will be treasuring Your Word. Thank You. Amen.

September 27, 2022

Romans 8:28 NKJV — And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for the encouragement and direction we find within. Lord Jesus, I know You have every detail in Your hands and Your ways are perfect. You spoke the universe into being. Surely, You have a plan for my day. Lord, please help me to walk with You in complete trust today, not allowing worry or fear to creep in. Lord, please continue to guide my heart, thank You for leading me in Your truths. Lord, I know You have every detail and I trust You to work all things together for good to those who are the called. Lord, thank You for this beautiful day. Thank You for all the ways You have blessed me in today. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

September 26, 2022

Psalm 21:1 NKJV — To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David. The king shall have joy in Your strength, O LORD; And in Your salvation how greatly shall he rejoice!

Nehemiah 8:10 NKJV — Then he said to them, “Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not sorrow, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for these truths! That we can have joy in Your strength and strength through Your joy. Lord, You alone, are worthy of all honor, all glory, all praise. You have created us, then saved us, and still You are sustaining us. It’s incredible! Your wonderous works are so awesome. You have turned that which the enemy meant for evil into the very gift of salvation! You have reached across time and touched people. Your mercy is astounding and Your grace is amazing. My finite mind cannot begin to grasp the greatness of You. You are Holy, Loving, Sovereign, Good, and Just. You are perfect, there is no flaw, no error, nothing. Lord, when I look at the Word and begin to calculate all You have done, then add in all You are doing, I’m so thankful. “When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him? For You have made him a little lower than the angels, And You have crowned him with glory and honor.” Truly, how great are You, Lord! Amen.

*Psalm 8:3-5 quoted

Precious little blessings

“That would make a great picture,” she turned and smiled at me.

I hadn’t seen what she was looking at, out the window, so I asked her what she meant.

“Oh, the guys in the garden with their cowboy hats on.”

I looked and agreed with her.

Our oldest granddaughter looked too and announced, “I put my shoes on!”

I asked her momma if she could go with me to the garden.

As we stepped off the deck stairs her little voice surprised me with a giggle, then she told me why she was laughing.

“Oh! The cowboys!”

I laughed too.

“Yes! Let’s go see them.”

We found Papa setting Bubba down on the metal bench to eat the fistful of green beans he had.

He gladly chopped away while Faye pointed with concern at a grasshopper.

I agreed they are not welcome in the garden, but it would probably leave soon.

She turned to smell a sunflower.

I asked her to do it again so I could get a picture.

When Bubba had finished his green beans, they each found a strawberry to enjoy.

Then my husband walked them to where the carrots are.

He pulled one and the children’s surprise at the carrot popping out of the ground brought smiles to our faces.

Of course our grandson needed to pull his own. (He only had a little help from Papa.)

His was covered in dirt, so I got the hose and began washing it off.

Soon both children and Papa were enjoying fresh carrots.

We decided the tops would be a nice treat for the bunnies and headed over to their cages.

Faye pointed to our female, “The Mommy one! Where’s the Daddy one?”

“He’s hiding right now, but wait, he’ll come out when I put the carrot tops in.”

Of course he did and she giggled.

Next, we went to feed some undersized corn to the sheep and goat.

As Faye petted the sheep she commented, “Soft.”

Papa fed the chickens in the run so the kids could watch them.

Faye pointed to our rooster, “The Daddy chicken!”

“Yes, that’s right. He’s the Daddy, the rest are the Mommy chickens. The Daddy is called a rooster.”

Her attention soon turned to the neighbor’s beautiful gelding.

He’s a pinto and very friendly, but today he didn’t come close.

He’s not used to little children.

She waved at him and told him “Hi!”.

Our grandson had lost interest and they’d already returned to the house, but Faye wanted to check the nesting boxes.

Our son is very good at keeping the eggs picked up, but I told her we could look.

To my surprise, there was an egg.

Faye was glad and as I held it, the warmth against my palm told me it was fresh.

I told Faye, “We will put this one in the carton and you can take it home.”

As we reached the deck and Faye proudly lined her clogs next to our rubber boots, I smiled.

My heart thanked God for His blessings which I’m able to share with our grandchildren.

My husband’s expression told me his heart was also thankful; equally blessed by our time with our grandchildren.

Our daughter related what occurred when she told the children they were going to Grammy’s.

“Their little eyes got huge and they ran to get their shoes on. They were so excited! Then, Faye proceeded to list everyone who lives at Grammy’s house, including the sheep, goat, chickens, and two rabbits!”

I had to chuckle.

Children are such incredible blessings from God.

They have such a unique perspective.

Their joy is contagious.

They are greatly valued by God.

Matthew 18:10 NKJV — “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.”

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for the gift of children. You have blessed us with children and now grandchildren. We are so thankful to You for each one. Lord Jesus, please continue to teach us through these precious people. It is in Your Word that we realize just how blessed we are and how each one is a priceless treasure. Lord, only through Your Word and Holy Spirit can we find truth and understanding. Only through Your salvation can we be saved. Only in the security of Your redemption can we find peace. Lord, please help each of us to be an encouragement to the children around us. Please teach us how to value others, how to train and exhort, how to love unconditionally, and how to share You with each one. Lord, I lift up these precious people. Please speak to their hearts, train them up in Your truth, and give them the true understanding of Yourself. Thank You. Amen.

Happy birthday, Mom!

This was last Spring, when I was blessed to have both Anne and Mom at a DAR meeting with me.

Today is my mother’s birthday and I’m thanking the Lord for her.

My mother was born in Michigan and I’ve been blessed by the many stories of her life on the family farm.

My grandparents purchased it when she was very young.

It’s still in the family.

My Aunt and her family work hard everyday and have turned it into a nonprofit organization.

They do equine therapy for children and the handicapped.

Besides telling me funny stories about Grandpa swatting flies in the barn to take out his aggression or frustration, she also told me about my father and his family.

But family stories are just a portion of the things my mother has given me since my birth.

She has taught me to work hard, to honor God, to cook and clean, to love my family, to study, and she has encouraged me to pray.

Mom and Dad bought me my first One Year Bible and even went to the trouble of having my name engraved on the cover.

I’m so thankful for that gift, because it was through it I began to really love God’s Word.

Reading the entire Bible regularly, was a turning point in my walk with the Lord

There are so many more things I could write about my mom, but the point I really wanted to make is this:

I’m very thankful to God for His gift of the baby girl, this date many years ago, because she grew up, got married, and became my mom.

Exodus 20:12 NKJV — “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your gift of family. Thank You for my mother. You know that we are not perfect, but You placed us together and for that I am so thankful. Lord, You know how You created each one of us and we are blessed to be able to walk with You in this day. Please continue to walk with each one of us. Lord, please bless my mom today and encourage her. Lord, please continue to teach each one of us through Your Word and Your Holy Spirit. Lord, please help us to walk with integrity, honoring You at all times. Lord, for those ladies who are mothers, please help each one of us, to be praying for our families, to lift up those You have placed near us. Lord, please continue to correct us, that we might not harbor sin, but quickly repent of any wrong. Lord, please teach us how to serve with joy, respond with wisdom, and love without expectation. Thank You, Lord! You are incredible and Your truth is life! I love You, Jesus. Amen.

September 24, 2022

For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, As the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14 NKJV

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your Word. Thank You that one day all the Earth will know You. Lord, I am grieved by the ways of wickedness, what lawlessness is doing to the innocent and the helpless. Lord, I know from Your Word, You hate these things even more than I. You strictly warned Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit. Yet, You made a way for mankind to be saved from sin even though we rebelled against Your instruction and brought about all this upon ourselves. How often do we blame You when we are the ones at fault? Yet, I find such hope, such security in Your Word and Your salvation. Lord, I know You are good. You are righteous. You are the only way to eternal life. You have brought so much blessing through those who have committed themselves to You completely. And the good You have in store for Your people is far beyond our understanding. Lord Jesus, I know You are worthy of all praise. Although, I look expectantly towards the day this verse will come true, I can give You all my worship today. Lord, please let me bring glory to Your holy name this day. Thank You. Amen.