When you can’t

She was thrilled.

Sissy had brought the track shirt she had worn when part of the best relay team she was ever on.

Bell knew it instantly.

And was excited to wear it to Districts.

All season boils down to one meet.

Districts is where you either make it to State or your season is finished.

I watched Bell prepare to leave with joy.

Even though I had to tell her,

“I can’t.”

My health wasn’t going to allow me the freedom to travel or watch her compete.

She understood.

And the Lord gave me peace even though I really wanted to be there.

Instead of praying from the side of the track or near the finish line, I prayed from my chair in the livingroom.

I checked my phone for texts.

I eagerly waited.

Looking forward to any information, because no matter what place I’m proud of our daughter.

And God was with me throughout.

He talked to me.

He helped me see circumstances through trust.

Through His peace I was able to ignore the words of fear, which tried to rally self-pity.

Although I wasn’t there,

I was supporting our Bell.

And God stepped in.

He blessed her again.

She heads to State on Friday to run in two events.

They are preliminary races,

to see who will run on Saturday.

I’m trusting the Lord for His strength and the ability to be present this time.

All year long Bell and I have prayed together before each race.

We have asked God to give her the ability to do her very best.

Not for our glory,

not for her glory,

but to bring glory to God.

And He has.

No matter what happens Friday or Saturday,

we will continue to proclaim the greatness of God.

He is the reason our Bell can run.

And as she runs again,

we realize we can’t.

We can’t race.

We can’t win.

We can only trust.

No matter the outcome,

we will give glory to God.

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