“Does that sound like Jesus?”

“Does that sound like Jesus?”


“No, I don’t think so.”

“I agree. ”

loving smile

“How do I know? How do I find out exactly what Jesus sounds like?”

There was so much more behind the question.

doubt, pain, fear

All these lingered, just off stage, ready to take hold of the truth and bury it under lies.

In my heart I knew,

the soft gentle voice,

this was a bigger question.

I paused to listen.

Tell her to learn, Who I Am.

“Sweetheart, read the Gospels. Read all of them. Learn who Jesus is by what the Bible says.”

Our conversation continued and I knew it would be a topic we would touch again.

“How long will it take for me to learn how to hear God?”


“Honey, it takes a lifetime.

I’m always learning another way to hear God.

NOT because it is a formula or a math question, but because He is so incredible and outside my ability to understand.

Always come back to the Bible.

The enemy wants to confuse and trick us.

It is in the Word where we stay grounded.”

Later, I had to smile again.

I picked up my Bible.

“Thank You for the reminder Lord.”

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for the Bible and all it’s wonderful truth. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit which helps us understand and apply Your Word. Jesus, thank You for the heart of our girl, who is seeking You, and a personal relationship with You. Jesus, please continue to teach me how to hear You. Please continue to help me recognize the difference from Your Words and those of the darkness. Cleanse my heart and mind, that I might be free from the lies of the enemy. Thank You.

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