One step after another

(This is a guest post from Bell.)


Run faster!


Those words are the ones I hear when I run in a race.

I have always run in almost everything I do.

In school, in track, in softball, in basketball, it’s what I have always done.

Yesterday I went to my best friend’s graduation.

I was so proud for her.

We have been best friends since 2nd grade.

As I sat in the back row watching the slide show. I realized that time is very fleeting, it comes so fast that I don’t even notice.

I realize that I have run in my life so much I have not stopped and looked at what is happening now.

What is God saying to me now?

What will God say later?

Instead of running to the next thing that happens in life I need to take the first step and live in the time I have, now.

God has a wonderful life for us. We just need to take step by step and live the life, now, giving it to Him.

My father said this to me once.

“Bell, I know you want to live your life but you are living it now! Your life is now, not ten years later or after school but right now.”

Live the step you are taking

now in God.

Take life step by step.

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