A new normal


Just like these new leaves a new year holds much expectation.

With change comes all kinds of things.

Of course, the first thing I normally notice is the discomfort of the new.

Like stiff shoes, yet to be broken in.

At the present the new in this year is some changes in our family schedule.

Trying to get all of my thoughts adjusted to it has caused me some discomfort.

However, the expectations are worth the discomfort.

I’m expecting to see our children benefit from the changes.

Sports is a biggie.

It is a demanding schedule, but the girls learn so much from playing on a team, loving others even when it is difficult,  and sharing Jesus when the opportunities present themselves.

I’m expecting my husband to benefit from the challenge of returning to college.

I’m expecting joy as he achieves his goals and is able to continue to expand his understanding.

There are things I am changing as well.

I’m caring with me my convictions, but I find I’m applying them a bit differently.

The Lord continues to surprise me by the many ways He allows me to experience walking with Him.

One of the changes this year is my position with our school.

I’m finishing up this school year, but I won’t be returning.

There are few words which could crystallize my emotions over this change.

There is discomfort in knowing I’ll be leaving people I love dearly.

Yet, there’s expectation in the reason.

I’m going to be homeschooling my own kids.

I don’t really know all the answers, but I know this is God’s direction.

Life never stays the same.

Each year, each day brings change.

The Bible said it best:
“To everything there is a season…”
Ecc. 3:1a (emphasis added)

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