This is our boy.

He’s holding his Christmas gift from my sister and my brother-in-law.

I was so blessed by what my brotger-in-law said when Jase showed me the gift.

“I wanted to get him something he could put together but would be a bit of a challenge to him.”

Unless you understand our Jase this doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Our boy has a communication disorder which causes him a great deal of frustration and at times fear.

However we’ve learned he builds.

Legos are his very best friend.

So I’ve been trying to find things which help him to use his ability in ways which are broader.

Not too long ago I found a drawing of a catapult made with office supplies online.

I printed the picture and gave him a box with all the items and in less than 2 hours he had two catapults able to shoot a marble across the room.

His daddy came home and together they designed a better one which could shoot marbles across the house.

Now, thanks to his aunt and uncle he’s working on a car which moves.

All of this is special, because I know God made our son with gifts and abilities.

I know He has a plan and a purpose for his life.

And I can rest in the knowledge of His understanding.

God has been building me along with our son.

He helps me find new ways to encourage our boy in things which are very challenging.

He teaches me how to listen so I’m able to get an idea of life from our son’s perspective.

He’s showing me the value of flexibility and the patience to learn.

Unless I have a circumstance in my live which causes me to bend and flex, I can grow rigid with routine.

I can become callous to the needs of others unless my heart is made soft by the Lord.

As the Lord builds upon my knowledge of how to help our boy succeed, I can smile.

It warms my heart when someone near us sees something in Jase.

Like my family understanding his joy of building.

Or the elderly gentlemen I saw our boy hugging at the game last night.

( I asked Jase who it was. He said, “Oh. I don’t know, just seemed to be a nice man.”)

Or the sweet lady with a walker Jase helped with her groceries.

God is using all these things to build Jase into the man he’s going to be.

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