A covering


The beauty of a landscape which has been washed with a new blanket of snow is really impressive.

Winter normally means rain and therefore a good deal of brown.

Muddy footprints.

Muddy driveways.

Muddy landscape.

Not awe-inspiring to say the least.

Yet as we have enjoyed the past week of snow it has challenged me to reflect.

What is it about a covering of snow which transforms?

Is it the beauty of the clean white?

Is it the covering over of less appealing views?

Is it just different and therefore more interesting?

Then I found myself asking a deeper question.

What am I covered with?

Have I allowed Jesus to cover me and make my life white as snow?


But it’s a continuous practice.

Each day I find new areas which need His covering, His cleansing.

I think about how the Bible covers my thoughts in truth and helps me better understand how to live.

I think about and pray for the love of Jesus Christ to fill me so I’m able to love others.

I look at my fears and doubts and I seek cover in the protection of His Sovereignty.

Although the snow is almost gone, I’m thankful.

The reminder of God’s abilities will continue long into the season ahead.


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