When it goes very wrong.


Isn’t this lovely?

It was one of many, many wildflowers we were blessed to see on our camping trip
last weekend.

In fact, we really enjoyed our time of roasting hot dogs over the campfire, kayaking across the lake, fishing, and hiking.

The only thing out of place was our oldest had to work and couldn’t join us.

So this weekend  (yes the one we just had) we planned on going camping again.

Friday all seemed ready as my hubby came home from work and we loaded into the truck.

After our hour and a half drive we arrived where we had prepaid for the camping space.

And then it all began to go very wrong.

The space wasn’t large enough to hold our tent, much less our truck and boat.

The campground didn’t have anything available.

So we received half our money back and decided to travel down the road.

(I literally mean hours)
later we had driven many miles only to succumb to the circumstances.

We were going to have to go back home.

Camping wouldn’t be happening.

It was late when we rolled into a Dairy Queen for some dinner since all our food was neatly packed away.

It was almost midnight when we rolled into our driveway.

The next morning we got up wondering what to do now.

The room was silent as we stared around at each other trying to figure out how to salvage our weekend.

A few suggestions came and went, but we didn’t seem to be finding the expectation and enthusiasm as we had the day before.

Our son suddenly threw out a suggestion.

“Let’s go bowling!”

My first reaction was surprise.

As far as knew he’d NEVER been bowling in his entire life.

The girls all seemed excited and Sissy announced she had free skating tickets.

Town is about 45 minutes from our house and the home of my in-laws so I suggested we all go out to breakfast.

We all suddenly became motivated again and spent a wonderful day.


We learned the wonderful can sometimes follow the wrong.

Not because we are super flexible people.

Not because we weren’t very disappointed about our failed camping trip.

It was because my husband started our morning out with prayer, before we even made a plan.

When we look to Jesus for even the fun things in life we are able to trust that no matter what occurs He still has a plan.

There is always something to be gained even in a loss.

With our driving all along the Oregon Coast I was able to see something I’ve never seen before.

The ocean, at dusk, with the mist rising in the distance. The huge rocks jutting from the water and a kind of beauty unexpressable.

Just another lovely jewel to add to the memories of a beautiful life.

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