When in the midst


Although lovely,
this flower was in the process of blooming.

It hadn’t reach its full potential.
It hadn’t shown all it was capable of.

The flower was in the midst of making a beautiful testimony to God’s creation.

Yet, as easy as it is to recognize the beauty in the middle of the effort,
is it as easy to see in ourselves?

We are blessed with 3 daughters and each of them is beautiful and a blessing to us.

Yet it amazes me each time one of them speaks of their lack of beauty in sight of their sister’s.

“Well, I’m not pretty like…”

Of course I understand this is a normal part of being a girl and growing up.

Yet being able to communicate the truths of beauty to my girls is so much more difficult.

Beauty is not an end result.

True beauty is like a wonderful patchwork quilt.

It holds various patterns and shapes, it takes time, attention to detail and love.

For a girl to be beautiful goes deep within her character as well as an effort to hone the outward.

True beauty is timeless.

Several parts of our world seem to continually try to undermine or erode the true beauty.

Magazines and some movies make beauty about how much a girl can reveal instead of how alluring true modesty can be.

We see pictures of women using their looks to sell products, when true beauty isn’t used to manipulate others.

True beauty is valuable yet often misunderstood.

True beauty is words spoken with gentleness even when emotions are strained.

True beauty is steady loving strength to stand for what is right even in the face of personal loss.

True beauty is loving others, even though they may be difficult to love.

True beauty is a smile and a heart willing to listen to the needs of others.

A woman of true beauty is mindful of her looks, wearing clothes which flatter without exposing. She attends to her outward appearance without neglecting her inward needs.

A lady of true beauty spends time in the Word and prayer so she is a tune to God’s call, His direction, His love to fill her so she’s equipped to pour into others.

A woman of true beauty is honest and humble, able to ask for help, willing to admit inability, because she realizes each of us has limits.

So while I’m learning how to be a woman of true beauty, while I try to teach my daughters about true beauty, I can look to the flower and remember.

When in the midst of growing,
there is beauty.

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