A chance to grow continued


As if only half the story were told.

I felt compelled to write this morning.

After publishing the post yesterday about this flower and how it parallels our lives a question kept coming to mind.

“What about the flower who has done all they can do to be willing? What about those who follow Jesus with everything they have and yet they feel mowed down by circumstances?”


I’ve been there.

The place when one has done everything possible, yet the soul feels dry and there seems no hope.

The times of quiet instead of the gentle directing voice of the Lord.

Those moments when everything seems to be confusing and the idea of blooming isn’t even a dream any more.


Even those who are in God’s will and being watered by His Word can be frustrated over the pain and misery of living in a fallen, broken world.

It has happened to me more than once.

In fact last week I was discouraged over a circumstance.

I still have no idea what is occurring or how it will turn out, but I’m certain God will provide.

He has listened while I poured out my hurt and disappointment.

He has been my strength as I wait to see the outcome.

Has He stepped in and removed me from the circumstances?


Because that is not always the best way.

He wants what is best.

I often wonder, when in the middle of such a thing why.

But I have learned.

Instead I’m to ask what.

What should my response be?
What would God have me pray in this circumstance?
What can I do to bloom in this?

Because when I wrote yesterday about the Gardner moving the flower. I wasn’t meaning He takes away everything which is bad and replaces it with all we desire.

I was thinking of the way I was before I surrendered my everything to Christ.

I acknowledged Him, but I wasn’t surrendered to His will.

I stubbornly worked to get my life the way I thought it should be and then cried out in frustration as it refused to bring the fulfillment I was looking for.

And I still have those days.

But when I realized I cannot make the way, I can only allow Jesus to have His way.

When I turned over my rights, my dreams, my desires to Him.

I found myself moving.

None of the circumstances changed over night.

But slowly they began to, because I wasn’t constantly creating them.

Instead I was focused on living for Christ in my everyday, being watered by His Word, and blooming.

How we react to life has far more impact than how life acts towards us.

2 thoughts on “A chance to grow continued

  1. Rachel

    It takes courage to stand in Christ when we’re surrounded by all things dying around us, sometimes seeing our own flesh dying is disturbing rather than encouraging. God sees you and rejoices over you with singing, your friends also to the degree He reveals see you blooming and beautiful- may He bless you abundantly


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