Blessing the other

This is Bell’s work.

Both Anne and Bell like Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice.

The little white flowers growing in our yard seemed to mimic those Lizzy wore in her hair to the Netherfield Ball.

The girls equally enjoyed the impromptu hair art.

And I was blessed to see how a tiny moment can be used to make a memory.

A blessing of one sister to the other.

The simple act of doing something to bless.

Personally, blessing others blesses me as well.

I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy my job so much.

To see a skill learned, an obstacle overcome, a heart touched; all of these are true blessings.

It’s also the best part of being a mother.

I get to serve those around me every day in one way or another.

Yes, it can become overwhelming.

Especially when needs are far greater than my personal resources.

I have seen clearly those are the times God uses to show me how to lean on Him.

And then I understand the Father’s heart a little more clearly.

He loves blessing His children too.

But He’s never out of balance.

His blessings are not always seen for the value that is in each difficult or trying circumstance.

Instead of spoiling His children with momentary pleasure or temporary treasure, His heart is to bless us with eternal relationship.

Not that He withholds all pleasure on Earth so we appreciate Heaven more.

Instead He gives the gifts which will grow the individual.

Then, just because He’s such a loving Creator, He places positive moments into our lives.

Like this little memory of our girls being blessed by the other.

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