In Jesus’s hands

Here’s Bell and her track coach.

It had been a very busy meet, but God had carried her through.

I stood along side the track in various places for the majority of the day.

I cheered.

But mostly I prayed.

Bell was running three events.

Which she has done before, but this was a much higher level than we are used to.

The 100 meter was the first race.

We knew there was another runner who had a better time than Bell.

Yet, she wasn’t concerned about that.

She had set her goal on breaking 13.

When the gun went off she burst out of the blocks.

As she ran down the track I was excited and yet nervous.

She crossed the finish line just behind the first place girl.

I was thrilled!

Yet, the edge of the race was hindered in my heart by worry.

-What about the next two races?-

So, I prayed.

And I continued to lift her up to the Lord as I watched her run the 400.

I praised God when she took 4th.

But as I stood alone on the corner waiting for the 200 God spoke to my worrying heart.

I’m holding her in My hand.

That was all.

Nothing is as important.

She ran the 200 and took 3rd.

As I thanked God for His blessing her so much I was reminded of why worry is a sin.

It robs me of trust and steals my joy.

If she had come in last on all three races God is still holding her and I will still love her.

As I humbly thanked the Lord for the reminder we gathered our things to leave.

Smiles all around, we went to say “goodbye” to the coaches.

It was here that the Lord showed me just how unnecessary worry is.

Her coach looked down at her and said,

“You know, you broke the school record in the 100 today.”

(She had run a 12.84)


Thank You Jesus for holding each of us in Your hand, both in adversity and in blessings.

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