Beautiful expectation


The bump.

That’s our baby’s baby.

Our first born,

preparing to have her first born.


I’m the first born.

My mother was the firstborn.

Her mother was the first born.

And her mother was an only child.

I’m definitely looking forward to this firstborn!

It feels surreal.

And I sometimes wish they lived nearby.

But I know God has it all in hand.

And I’m praising Him.

Our son-in-law and daughter will be wonderful parents who make mistakes and messes and wonderful blessings, because they love Jesus more than anything.

They will raise their child to know and love Him too.

It’s been one of the really bright spots when everything else feels grey and worn.

Days when I’ve struggled with my health, I’ve been able to pray for our children and their children.

Infact when I was doing very poorly the thought became words.

My husband softly whispered:

“You can’t die sweetheart, you have to live to be a grandma.”

Of course I don’t choose my next breath nor my number of days, but I can use each one to pray.

It’s not a matter of how much time I have.

It’s a matter of how I use it.

And when it comes to the bump which is our daughter’s baby, I want to be able to stand in prayer for all three.

They are a family.

And I want God’s will for their whole lives.

I know they want Him to be glorified in their family.

What beautiful expectation!

To see how God will be their Journeyguide.

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