“Do you trust Me?”

(The following is a text I received and it blessed my heart. I wanted to pass it on.)

I am going to bore you with a true story.

There was a missionary who knew he was supposed to go overseas to share the gospel with a people group.

While in prayer, Jesus touched his heart and challenged him like he would never be challenged.

As he prayed he heard the still small voice say “you will not return home you are going to die while in the mission field.”

He had a wife, three daughters and a son at the time.

Those words plagued him as the count down for the trip came.

He would wake up in the middle of the night from dreams of being a martyr.

Everyday he would come up with new reasons why he could not go on the trip

And everyday he would hear the small voice “do you trust Me?”

“Yes” would be the answer “I have faith in You.”

Finally the day came to leave his wife and kids.

They didn’t know it would be the last time they would see him.

They said good bye and he turned to get on the plane.

As he walked down the tarmac, he heard the voice again “do you trust Me?”

“Yes Jesus, I trust You” was the answer.

The realization came at that moment there was a great difference between faith and trust.

One can have faith without trust but it can’t be the other way around.

Trust is where the prayer battle is won.

Do you trust Jesus is in control?

Do you trust even if it does not work the way you feel it should He has the best interest of all concerned parties at hand?

It was almost 14 years ago I walked on that plane and the truth is I did die.

When I met the Satanist, I said, “Jesus, I trust You.”

When the bus was pulled over by security and machine guns were out I said, “Jesus, I trust You.”

Every day is a new day to trust Jesus with your life.

So in this trust He is in control, and have peace that His will is done.

Even when it does not seem to be.

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