Remember, it is only Friday.

Picture by N.K.

Friday has not always held the anticipation which our five day work week has brought it to.

Due to the change, it is seen almost as important to adults as summer break is to school children.

But it has not always held that position in the hearts and minds.

This Good Friday is an opportunity for us to stop and look back.

Because that Friday was the scariest, darkest day, ever.

To stand near and watch Jesus be accused, lied about, flogged, and eventually sentenced must have been more than any of His followers could possibly understand.

Then to watch Him struggle through the streets, to see the soldiers grab a stranger from the street, because Jesus was too weak to carry His cross.

To hear the sound of metal being driven through His body.

To feel the outrage of watching those beneath the cross gambling for His clothing.

To listen to voices of those who by their lies and envy turned Him over to the authorities now mock and taunt.

And this is only a small portion of the horrors of that Friday.

A man who healed the sick, spoke words of truth and life, and raised the dead.

He never did anything wrong.

Yet, death was His portion.

Of course He knew it was why He came to us as a babe in the manger.

But I am certain those who loved Him were at their lowest point.

They didn’t know.

Friday wasn’t the end.

We must remember that too.

No matter how low we get, nor how much we suffer, for those who believe it is only Friday.

The greatest joy and comfort we have is this:

Sunday is coming!

Praise the Lord!

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