Following the Son


Following Jesus,
the Son of God,
is the best decision I ever made.

I have never regretted the choice of being a Christian.

I’ve never wanted to stop walking with Jesus daily, to turn after my own ways.

I wish I could say I’ve always seen the difference, and always chosen to follow Christ, instead of my own desired, but it’s not the case.

Many times, I truly thought I was following the Lord’s leading, while being blinded by my own self-centeredness.

Of course, I rarely spent the effort seeking the Lord’s direction, when I walked after my own wishes.

It has been easy, in times past, to believe I was walking in God’s plan for me when it also fulfilled my wants and what I thought I needed.

After many times, of realizing I had forged ahead, in my own self-will and not in God’s.

I’ve learned to slow down.

Decisions made in haste often reflect me instead of my Lord.

God doesn’t call me to be rash or reckless, but instead to be talking with Him and led by Him.

To do that I must spend time listening, learning, looking in His Word and hearing His voice.

Following the Son means I’m allowing Him to lead.

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