We’re family.

Yet it isn’t what you might think.

I was born in California.

My husband was born in Texas.

Our children were born in Oregon.

And yet we have family who were born in the UK.

No, they are not blood relations.

However, we love them just as much.

This past week we have been thrilled to have two of our UK family staying with us.

We ate ice cream, which is different from that of the UK.

We traveled.

We watched movies and played games.

It was lovely.

Simply, delightful.

And I’m already anticipating next summer when we will again walk the cobbled streets of a beautiful old village in the UK.

How can we have such a strong connection when we spend so little time together?

It’s not because we are exactly the same.

In fact the differences are vast.

It is because we love the same man and have given our lives to serving Him:


He’s the greatest builder of love and family and He continues to show us the joy of relationship.

When I first accepted the Lord Jesus as my saviour I had no idea I was becoming a member of a new family.

Yet the body of Christ is such a wonderful thing and I continue to be amazed at how great God’s love is.

Yes, every family has times of strife,  including the body of Christ.

However, if we are true sons and daughters of the Most High we will work out those things and choose instead unity, even if it costs us personally.

I can hear the questions :

“What about those who can’t agree upon Scripture? ”

“If this is the case why are church splits so common?”

The answer is simple.

Most often people choose something other than following Christ and His Word.

Yet, we can choose to follow Jesus and live daily in His Word.

I know it is possible, because I’ve experienced it over and over.

I am privileged enough to have family all over the world simply, because we all belong to the body of Christ.

So we are family.

No matter where we are born.

Our love is steadfast, because it came from the son of God, Jesus Christ.

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