DSC_0015Like a rose with thorns, this life’s beauty can often be riddled with pain.
“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. “ James 1:2

What is to be done when trials come?
How is tragedy to be handled?
When discouragement whispers louder each day and seems to be more truth than fiction–
Maybe I am the only one who lays awake,
Stripped down to the bone and gristle of emotion
Numb from the pain,
Trying to sort out what to do next.
But I doubt it.
I know others who have shared their pain with me,
Their moments of doubt,
Their tragedies,
And I hold them in my heart wondering how best to act, how to help shoulder the load.
For that is my heart cry:
To help
But what do we do with trials?
How do we guard from discouragement?
Where do we turn when the terrible strikes?
I have a dear friend,
Who I have heard say that James 1:2 means, for them, to be joyful not because the trial is fun, or that they like the trial,
(For it stinks!) They add.
But because they can have joy in the Lord.
I agree.
In the shadow I have struggled finding it.
In the moments of naked darkness,
When joy seemed a distant memory–
A hand has reached into mine and held me up.
The times when all seemed desolate
My Lord Jesus has been there,
For me I can have joy in the trial,
Peace in the shadow,
Comfort in the broken.
And patience has grown.
I no longer despair as I have in the past that the night shall never end,
The tunnel never break into sunshine,
Instead I slip my fingers around my Savior’s hand,
hold on.

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