Happy Independence Day

For all those in uniform, protecting our country,

Thank you!

For all those who have served in the past,

Thank you!

For all those who have supported a loved one while they served, spending countless hours without them, but holding them up by keeping the home a safe place to return to,

Thank you!

For those who have given of themselves in other ways; pastors, counselors, teachers, medical staff, and hundreds of other positions which help our nation,

Thank you!

For those who boarded a boat to start a new beginning in a land unknown, willing to risk so much just to serve God and build a future for their families,

We remember you!

For those who chose to separate from England and risked their lives to fight for freedom,

We remember you!

For our Heavenly Father, who created each one, provides for each one, and sent His Son to pay the price of sin, for each one,

Glory and honor and praise be to You!

May we never forget that America is blessed because of God.

May we never tire of living faithfully before God and mankind as a testimony to Jesus Christ and the betterment of all.

Happy Independence Day!


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