This is an old photo.

Back when Sis was still in highschool.

But it gives a good feel of where we live and my husband’s dog.

We bought Waterpower Faramir while living in the UK.

(I suggested the name Chelsea, it sounded British to me. It was shocking to find out afterwards that the name happened to be a rival football team to our Man. United! Opps!)

My husband worked with her everyday and she could follow both hand signals as well as the whistle.

I remember when he special ordered real game bird wings to put on the training bird so she would get used to the smell.

He was less than excited when she managed to get one off and swallowed it whole.

I remember placing her in the kennel to fly her back to Oregon.

She was so happy when she reached my Mother’s farm!

I remember the night she cut her foreleg open and nearly bled to death on the forty-five minute drive to the emergency vet.

There are many memories of fun and times we enjoyed our dog.

Last October I took her to the vet for her ear.

I was pretty sure she had an infection.

She did, but I was surprised to find out she also had a mass which blocked her hearing.

The vet explained that she should have surgery to find out what it was and if it we’re treatable.

Unfortunately, Chelsea never had surgery.

I probably already had the beginning of pneumonia when I took her in the first time, but had to cancel the surgery due to my own illness.

And since then my health has taken priority.

I think we all have suspected that more than deafness was affecting her as we have had to take measures to keep her safe.

For many years she’s been dependable, but this summer we’ve had to kennel her more and more, because she simply is wandering off.

And she’s become obsessed with trying to get out of everything.

Although sad, I wasn’t surprised when my husband called me this morning to relate that she had tried to follow him as he left for work and was hit by a truck.

We will all miss Chelsea.

But I’m so thankful for the eleven years.

We will always love Springer Spaniels


of our dog


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