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It’s been an interesting morning.

God blessed me with energy enough to get up and make my husband breakfast.

Which I truly thanked Him for.

As I buttered his English muffins, I thought of how many breakfasts were served to me as I lay sick in bed.

I talked with my husband about my schedule this morning.

My comments included how I’d neglected to have our daughter teach me how to host a zoom meeting so Jase’s speech teacher.

“So, we will have to talk on the phone.”

He opened my laptop and showed me how to do host a zoom meeting!

Then packed his lunch, kissed me, and headed to work.

What a blessing!

My husband is such a support and encouragement. His job has been a gift from God.

To still have regular employment with so many out of work, is humbling, but really appreciated.

Jase and I prepared for the zoom meeting. Then we sat listening to his teacher, discussing his activities, planning. It was good.

Jase has never done a meeting like this and it was pretty stressful for him.

After it was over I automatically started thinking about getting his math lesson going.

I hadn’t realized just how difficult the meeting had been.

But Jase’s reaction to my comment on getting his math out spoke volumes.

I left the room for a moment, and told him to work on relaxing.

I grabbed the cleaner and started scrubbing toilets, because sometimes I need to clean while thinking.

In this case it was praying.

You haven’t had your walk.

I knew the Lord was reminding me for more than one reason.

My doctor wants me to walk for half an hour five days a week and I’ve struggled with doing it lately.

But today was a perfect day to make sure I got my walk in.

Heading back into the living room I asked Jase.

“Want to go for a walk?”

He didn’t hesitate.

Pretty soon we were striding down the sidewalk.

Jase was telling me about his friends who moved away this week.

Sometimes I’d point to a flower or plant and tell him the name.

A few times we met other people, always keeping distance, but friendly with a kind nod and “Good morning!”.

Our walk was half over when I remembered.

Last summer, while living with our oldest girl and hubby, Jase and I had taken many walks, nearly every day.

I hadn’t thought about them in a long time, but I realized why they were so important.

During our walking, Jase had free time to talk to me about anything he wanted to.

There wasn’t a limit nor an agenda, he could just tell me things.

As I listened to him this morning, it was crystal clear that I’ve not been allowing him enough time to do that.

But there’s never a better time to change than today.

I’ll rearrange my schedule and make sure we walk together.

Because I don’t want to miss the opportunity for him to talk to me.

It’s all to real, these days, that life doesn’t go the way we expect or plan.

The only time I can redeem is the time I’m in.

And I’m so glad God blessed me this morning with cooking breakfast, having a meeting, and walking with Jase.

Praise the Lord!