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The yarn box

It was a few days ago.

I was putting a small ball of yarn in the plastic box I keep it.

Most of it is the leftovers from the giant bag Tim and Sis got me at a yard sale over a year ago.

I have made many teddy bears from that yarn, plus blankets, hats, and baby sweaters.

The remnants have been sitting quietly in the tote.

“Lord, what am I supposed to do with all this leftover yarn?”

Make small animals.

“Oh! Well…what am I starting with?”

A turtle, get out the green.

So, I obeyed.

It wasn’t easy.

Infact, crocheting a turtle turned out to be a lot more complicated than I expected.

However, God patiently walked me through it.

My girls loved it and said they each wanted one.

Frankly, I wasn’t thrilled.

“That was a pain to make, not sure I want to make more,” came my ungracious response.

On top of that, part of me was wondering why God had me doing this.

What use are they?

However, whether I understood what the plan was or not, I knew obedience is better than sacrifice.

I got my attitude back in order and asked the Lord for His forgiveness and patience with me.

The next day I made a fox.

Yesterday, it was another turtle and the octopus.

In prayer this morning, I was asking the Lord again.

“What do You want me to do with these? Why am I making them?”

To bring joy.

I had to smile.

Sometimes, I make things way too complicated.

With all the uncertainty surrounding us, I had not thought about the need to simply be joyful.

Crafting things has always been something which brings me joy.

And if you could see the smiles on the faces of my family as they look over each new toy, it’s obviously bringing them joy.

I’ve been texting pictures of these creative outlets to my oldest daughter, who seems to be enjoying them.

I even sent a few pictures to my mom for a smile.

Yet, it took God’s gentle voice to help me see why crocheting scrap yarn into funny animals is actually a blessing.

God isn’t interested in just the big and important.

He’s also in the smallest details.

And He wants us to find joy even amidst the uncertainty.

So, today, I’ll grab out some more leftover yarn and my crochet hook while going through our homeschool day.

I’ll also be looking for other opportunities to praise the Lord and spread joy to those around me.

Because, I can choose to be joyful, and it’s a privilege to share it.

Psalm 32:11 KJV — Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.

The red sweater

Because I’m still learning how to listen to the Lord.

Because I’m still learning how to obey.

This red sweater has been in progress for over a month.

I started it right after I finished Anne’s sweater.

It gave me all kinds of trouble.

I was learning everything.

It was a new stitch, a new style, a new way to make a sweater.

Mistakes, tearing out, and trying again were common.

Just when I was feeling like it was coming together, I ran out of yarn.

Yes, I could have ordered it on Amazon, but I hadn’t kept the label.

The yarn was a Christmas gift.

So, I knew I’d have wait till my energy and schedule provided an opportunity to go shopping.

It was over two weeks before I was able to go shopping and God blessed me with the exact yarn.

It was even on sale!

The Lord reminded me I needed buttons as well.

I was so excited! Of course I was too tired to work on it that day, but it was a step in the right direction.

Then life happened.

Although I had the needed materials, other priorities pushed it aside.

So, I was surprised when the Lord brought it to mind this week.

“I’ve not finished the baby shower gift. I haven’t even started Ethan’s birthday gift.”

Trust Me.

Why do I question God? Like He didn’t know all the details already, I thought I had to remind Him?


I truly apologized for my poor behavior and grabbed out the project.

It’s been a process.

Frankly, I’m not sure I like the end result.

However, both Anne and Sis said I’m being too critical.

They are probably right.

Whether this sweater is exactly what I was thinking it would be or not, it’s just another opportunity to learn.

A reminder that every detail is in God’s hands.

It’s a reminder I’ve needed daily this week.

I’m so thankful for the Lord’s patience with me.

I’m so thankful for His perfect plans.

I’m so thankful for His promises.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord , thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
Jeremiah 29:11 NKJV

A new blanket

I was so blessed to receive this beautiful yarn for Christmas!

Originally, I wanted to make a sweater from one of these skeins.

However, I try to always pray about what God wants me to make and the answer was a baby blanket.

At first I couldn’t picture it.

Which pattern should I use?

How would these two ombre colors work together?

So this project sat, waiting for me to hear from the Lord.

It was perfect.

When I’d finished my previous projects (a hat for Mom and overalls for our granddaughter) the answer came.

Honestly, I still couldn’t see it.

Normally I have a mental picture of the finished product.

The finished product comes out a little different, but starting without any mental picture seemed a bit of a stretch.

Yet, stretching is something I’m learning to do more and more.

With a day of rest I was able to get a lot of the blanket finished yesterday.

It was such a pleasure to hear my sweet husband say:

“That’s a really pretty blanket,” with a smile of appreciation.

I had to praise the Lord.

It was all His idea.

With these days of learning, stretching, and surrender I’ve been finding more and more that when I take life before the Lord in prayer first, beautiful things happen.

On my own, in my own desires or opinions things rarely turn out at all.

Too many times I’ve tried to force circumstances or work something out, and if anything actually came of it all, I found my stress and striving had robbed me of any possible joy.

I don’t want to go back to that.

Although it’s not always comfortable, and I rarely feel any sense of control, there’s a beautiful freedom in allowing everything to be God’s.

God’s plans, His timing, His outcome.

It works so much better.

Stress and striving can’t rob God, He doesn’t do either of those things.

So, I don’t have to either.

I can pray before starting any project or task and pray while I work.

And I can leave the results up to God.

If something goes wrong, I’m going to look for an opportunity to learn from the mistake, and I’m going to praise Him for He never leaves me or forsakes me.

It’s incredible the lessons He has taught me from one small baby blanket.

The psalmist said it best.

Psalm 37:4 KJV — Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.


My sweet children have lovingly warn the sweaters, hats, and other items I’ve made them all their lives.

Christmas brought me more yarn. (squeak!)

Before beginning, I’d asked the Lord what I should make out of this beautiful yarn.

So, I began this cardigan for Anne.

When it was finished Anne seemed pleased and I was blessed.

I’m currently working on a different cardigan for myself.

Both of these projects are a stretch since I’m using stitches I’m unfamiliar with.

Yet, it’s been good.

To stretch out of the easy way.

Learning something new and then practicing it till it because fluid is effort.

In crocheting it can be both frustrating and a bit humiliating.

With the project I’m busy with now, I’ve had to rip out and restart twice.

Years ago, I’d have likely given up and gone back to the easy way.

I had many reasons for such.

But this time is different.

I know God wants me to learn something new, no matter how long it takes.

Because there is more to learn than the new stitches.

I can experience wonder at seeing thousands of stitches form a garment from a skein of yarn.

I can find patience in being precise and careful with every hook and pull.

I can enjoy the process of creating, not just the finished product.

And I can pray.

While crafting my with my hands I can be lifting others up in prayer.

Especially if the garment is being fashioned for a particular person.

Like Anne’s sweater.

Many prayers were stitched along with the hooked yarn.

Prayers for her person, her future, her health, her…

It’s always a pleasure.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this next cardigan turns out.

Whether it’s done soon or takes me a long while, I pray it will continue to be an opportunity to learn.

And a reminder to pray.

One of my favorite colors

Sis came in from shopping yesterday and tossed a bag onto the bed.

“Happy birthday!”

I smiled.

“Well, thank you!”

We both know my birthday isn’t till next week.

But it didn’t matter.

She knew I had run out of yarn.

She also knew crocheting has brought me joy as I’ve been able to make things while I’m resting.

It was love.

Her love for me.

And it was Jesus.

She’d been uncertain which yarn to buy.

But felt this was the one.

I smiled.

“It’s one of my favorite colors. Thank you sweetheart.”

A smile lit her beautiful face.

“Oh Mom! I’d forgotten.”

I’ve been crocheting since and feeling so blessed.

Not only has God provided for my needs in incredible ways, He’s gone the extra distance.

He blessed my hands and mind with something to do.

No one will ever convince me God is anything but good.

I’ve seen it in the large and in the tiny.

I’ve experienced it in the life changing and in the mundane.

He’s all loving.

He’s gentle and kind.

And He cares enough to even direct something as inconsequential as the color of my birthday present.

What an amazing God!