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Wrong side of the bed


The feeling of being jolted out of a situation I didn’t want to be in the first place.

When the alarm went off this morning, I was awakened from a bad dream.

Not a nightmare,
just one of those annoying dreams.

I couldn’t find my work which was due the next day.

I couldn’t get to where I was supposed to be going because people kept interfering with my schedule.

I couldn’t understand why everything was going wrong and I was the only one who seemed to care.

Then the jolt of being awake,
only to find my throat hurt, my head hurt, and “sunshine” was not  my disposition.

Bless my husband he hugged me, prayed for me and left me alone.

I grabbed my Bible and simply began to copy the Psalms, then some verses in Isaiah.

As my mood and body began to feel better I was able to hear from the Lord.


Which was exactly what I needed.

Then I felt led to share some scripture via text and was able to tackle my day.

As I sip my tea,
cook breakfast and lunch,
I can smile.

No matter what side of the bed I get up on Jesus is there,
waiting for me.

And He is waiting for you too.

Share your morning with a cup of coffee and Jesus.