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Out of the ordinary

It was one of those moments when the Lord nudges my heart.

In need of new hardware for the grey buffet, we’d gone to Hobby Lobby.

I pray a lot when I’m there, because they have so many lovely things.

I’m always on my guard about what God would have me purchase, and not going with my own desires.

This time, I felt led to buy some pretty paper.

At first I couldn’t figure out why.

But I prayed again and got some.

It was later that the Lord brought to mind the reason.


Due to our move and my inability to talk on the phone, I’ve been writing more letters.

Although, plain lined paper is useful it lacks “pretty”.

I’ve been praying about how to “pretty” up my snail mail.

The paper sat, forgotten until this week.

I’ve had a migraine for most of the week and have been resting as much as possible.

But as I felt better, I was able to make some cards and “pretty” paper.

I showed my hubby last night and his words really blessed me.

“…Honey, it’s these little things you do that bless people.”

Smiling, I lacked the words to express myself, but managed to respond:

“I hope so.”

Luke 19:17 NKJV — “And he said to him, ‘Well done, good servant; because you were faithful in a very little, have authority over ten cities.’”

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for these kind words of my husband. Lord, I so want to be used by You to bless others. Lord, You know my failings. You know my restrictions. You are aware of every detail of every part. Please continue to use me as You see fit. Please help me to hear Your voice and to walk in Your ways. Lord, I don’t want to sin against You in anything, not thought, not word, not action. Please hone my heart and help me to walk in Your ways. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

Rewriting, again

It’s been more than ten years.

This effort to obey, to write, to put in words a story from my heart.

It’s been a reoccurring question.

“When are you going to finish your book?”

Most of the time, the voice was my husband’s.

I’d written.

I’d rewritten.

I even printed it off a few times.

Yet, it never felt right.

Something seemed forced.

Lifeless words, just black lines on white paper.

I’d put it away.

I’d stopped trying.

Until yesterday.

Sis had found a copy on one of her jump drives and enthusiastically given it to me.

“Look what I found! Now you can finish it.”

I thanked her.

And I prayed.

“Lord, it’s been years. I don’t feel able to get this book into shape. I’m afraid to even try again.”

Why did you write it?

“You told me to.”

Who were you writing for?

“Our children, but especially our daughters.”

With the fresh vision and focus, I plugged in the jump drive and settled down to work.

Because writing is work.

I rewrote the first chapter.

I’m going to work on it again.

When I feel chapter one is ready, I’m going to make copies.

Then, I’m going to give them away and ask for comments, corrections, and critiques.

In this way, I am trusting the Lord to fulfill the vision.

Because my very own family, who I’m writing this for, will be a part of the creation.

I’ll be honest.

I’m nervous.

But I trust God.

He will guide and direct.

He always has.

May He be glorified through this effort, no matter how the book turns out.

Writing letters

Some I’ve received and some ready to mail.

It began this summer.

A dear friend, sent me a beautiful handmade card.

Inside, she suggested we write to one another.

She was aware of my struggles, wanted to keep in touch, and she doesn’t text or email.

It’s been lovely.

Among the bills and junk mail, I get an old fashioned letter.

She doesn’t always write in a beautiful hand-made card, but it doesn’t matter.

It’s the personal touch, the time and thoughts and love.

And it’s been inspiring.

Talking on the phone isn’t something I do well these days.

Either I’m busy with homeschooling or my asthma sets limits.

So, I’ve been writing letters.

Especially, to my mom and sister.

They’ve kindly been taking the time to write back.

This week I was blessed to receive a letter from someone else.

She was writing in response to my Christmas card.

How fun!

Of course hand writing letters isn’t easy.

There’s no spell check to automatically fix my errors.

There’s nothing to prevent me from using poor grammar or poor penmanship.

Yes, I’ve started writing and thrown them out, only to begin again.

At first, I was critical of all my efforts.

But the Lord reminded me of what’s important.

It’s not the handwriting, the grammar, or the lined notebook paper which makes the letter.

It’s the love, the content, the sharing of ideas and emotions and day to day things.

It’s also the time.

In this fast passed instant world, putting pen to paper is an effort.

But a very worth while one.

Infact, I am so glad God has encouraged me to take the time to do this.

And it reminds me of Scripture.

I’m so glad the Apostle Paul took the time to pen letters or dictate them.

I’m thankful for the letters written by John, James, Peter, and others.

The Holy Spirit inspired words bring such joy, peace, and perspective.

Hebrews 13:15 NKJV — Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.

Today, I’m praising the Lord Jesus for both the spoken and the written word!

May He be glorified!







hazel nuts

crisp breeze

–path in the park–

How is it that a few words crafted carefully can paint a picture so vivid?

Why can they hold so much power over our thoughts, our emotions, our lives?

What is it about


Used in anger,

or carelessly





How is such a little thing so full?

Because the first words spoken were done so

to create:

“Then God said, ‘Let there be—‘” Gen. 1:3

God could have created in any way, yet He choose to speak.

Words can hold such beauty, grace, encouragement.

Words can change the actions

or attitudes of those who receive them

And yet it seems that so few have the ability to craft them well.

To sew them together, fashioning images, ideas of blessing, value.

To those who have this gift my request goes out

Use it

Do not allow life to hinder

or doubt and difficulty to subdue

but craft


with the understanding

that it should be to honor

the Creator

and encourage the





I closed my eyes, said a prayer and began.

It is often that way,

when starting my day,

When speaking to a crowd,

When cleaning out the back of the refrigerator!

It all has to do with trust.

Who I am is really of no importance but who I trust in and why I do IS.

It is the Lord, God Most High and to His name do I subscribe all trust and praise for a day well met,

A task finished,

A group encouraged, but for much, much more.

That is why I write.

It is when breath meets thought and is birthed in word.

It is when inspiration is simply referring to a day that shattered and was put back together to make stained glass art that could never have been unless first broken.

Realizing that through this I learned to trust even more.

It is that reason that I am beginning,

The reason I write today,

To remember that trust is more than blindly wishing it would all turn out “right”.

To remember that true trust in Christ means knowing.

Depths of my heart, down to my toes, knowing He is able and shall never fail.

No matter what I can see, broken glass or beautiful art, He is the Grand Artisan and He is worthy of all my


So today I begin.

With eyes closed and a prayer on my heart.