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Teddy bears and wooden signs

Isn’t this sweet!

I’m always amazed at how God uses people.

How He gifts each one with different abilities and talents.

Yet, He doesn’t stop there.

He also imparts the ability to grow in understanding.

The skills to hone a gifting or He shines new ones through knowledge gained with learning.

I’ve experienced it.

I’ve watched it.

My dear friends at Unbound Farms have come up with some lovely signs.

They have two different but equally beautiful Nativity signs.

I’ve actually gotten to see a little of the process which they put in each of their designs.

It’s truly been a blessing to see how God has given them such creativity and how they hone it into wooden words or pictures.

This beautiful hand painted Nativity is another example of the lovely creations God has given them.

Maybe I’m so impressed, because I have zero talents in the wood working arena.

But really, I appreciate how the folks at Unbound Farms love Jesus.

He is the most important part of their lives and I see it in the work of their hands.

I praise God for those who love Him and walk daily with Him.

It’s that encouragement of knowing I’m not the only person who is continuing to seek God.

There are many, many who do.

I could easily write a hundred blogs about all those I know who live for Jesus every single day.

But I wanted to take a moment to praise the Lord for His blessing me with my friends at Unbound Farms.

He’s been stretching me too.

My husband has encouraged me to sell my teddy bears.

To make an effort I’d ordinarily wouldn’t.

For me, it’s a step (feels like a leap) of faith.

So, I’ve teamed up with Unbound Farms to do a booth at the Douglas County Christmas Craft Fair.

I’ve been working on bears like crazy.

I pray over each, asking God for the skill to create, but mostly for His love and blessings to be on each person who receives one.

I’ve been enjoying how God is teaching me.

I know He has a plan in it all.

What a blessing it is to follow the Lord!

He guides.

He directs.

He provides.

And as an extra measure He brings others who love, support, and encourage.

What an amazing God, He truly is!