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Rooting out

This beauty wouldn’t be able to survive if it wasn’t cared for.

It needs the proper amount of sun, water, and soil.

If I had planted it too deep it would die.

If it was planted too shallow it would die.

Nor would it thrive if we had left the weeds in the same plot of ground.

Of course, we didn’t.

We carefully turned over the soil to expose the roots of the unwanted plants and removed them before planting the rose.

Lately, I’ve been removing a lot of weed roots from under the apple trees.

It’s crazy how these weeds are deceptive.

When I dig down the root is three or four times the leaf size.

What looks like something I could easily pull out with my fingers ends up being a job for the shovel.

The Lord has been using this gardening lesson in my own life.

He reminds me that the cares of this world have long roots and take hold very quickly.

It can seem like such a small harmless plant, not really causing any problems, but the truth is unseen.

What I allow to grow in my life and in my heart will put down roots.

Digging them back out can be a much more difficult chore.

Some plants only need a tiny section of root to begin growing again.

The same goes for sin.

If I choose to pass over something the Lord wants to deal with, I may very well be allowing a noxious “weed” to choke out the beloved “rose”.

And just like the seeds of some weeds explode into clean fresh ground, so can the sins in my own heart spread to my children or my friends.

Praise God, there is so much more to the garden of my heart than just trying to keep it weed free.

Jesus helps me.

Often times, it is His Word which shines the light upon the weed in my heart.

But He doesn’t stop there.

He carefully laid down how to deal with sin.

He also, plants beautiful seeds in my gardened heart.

His Word brings forth buds of praise, peace, hope, and many more.

An entire kaleidoscope of beauty planted by my loving Lord Jesus.

And just like my rose bush, He knows exactly how deep to plant.

His Word waters it daily.

And of course,

He is the Son.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your work in my heart. Please continue to help me recognize those things which are weed seeds and to remove anything which would come between us. Lord Jesus, thank You for planting so many beautiful things in Your Word. Please continue to grow my heart closer to You, that it might bring joy. Just as a beautiful garden speaks of the ability and care of the gardener, Lord, please let my life bring glory and honor to Your name.

Because love is a verb

I sat in a chair.

Held a cup of hot tea in one hand.

And simply watched them work.

The day was beautiful.

And my family blessed me.

My hubby and our son carefully weeded the flower beds in the front yard.

But I am no longer able to do the yardwork I so enjoy.

And my husband understood how hard it has been for me to look out the window at weeds.

So, he put on his outdoor things and went to work.

Now, the front beds look so nice!

But that’s not why I feel so loved.

It’s because my family chose to spend time working on something for me that I can no longer do myself.

And that’s why love is a verb.

True love is an action which doesn’t expect or require a return.

It simply loves.

True love doesn’t try to manipulate or force anything.

It simply loves and continues to love.

After twenty-two years I can say that my husband and I have not always loved each other with that true love, but we are getting better at it.

And the reason is Jesus.

It’s through Christ’s true love that we learn how to love each other.

It’s through Him we are learning to love our children with that same true love.

Yes, we have an emotional bond with each other and our children.

But love is a choice.

It brings even deeper emotional bonds and it grows wonderful things like trust, joy, and comfort.

But true love is a choice.

During this season, true love is the answer.

Jesus is that true love.

And I praise God for it!

Zephaniah 3:17 NKJV — The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”