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What can I say…

Well…I can say that God is so good.

Despite migraines for three days, God has provided medication which has caused me to be able to do all that is required of me.

I was so blessed to have Bell and her friend cover the booth for four hours so I could go to the doctor and get some rest at the hotel.

My heart was thrilled at the opportunities to chat with people and see some dear friends.

I’ve enjoyed getting to see our Bell more than normal since she lives here and we have moved.

It’s been a blessed couple of days.

So why am I awake at 3 am?

What’s robing me of the rest I need so desperately?

I’m sad.

Change is difficult.

Although I’m positive God has moved us and I’ve experienced the blessings of it all, coming back has been more difficult than I expected.

But it’s good.

If God had not put such love in my heart for so many people here, I wouldn’t feel this way.

It is God’s love which binds my heart to so many others.

And I don’t have to stop loving them just because I no longer live nearby.

Instead I’m praising God for the years I did have.

I’m thankful for how He has used these people in my life and I pray I’ve been a blessing in return.

My life belongs to Jesus.

I can rejoice in all He is doing and has done.

In each place He has brought me, I’ve been so blessed by wonderful lovely people.

I cherish these dear friends God has given.

What can I say…

God is so good!