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Purple Tuesday

Noel's room2It began many years ago when I knew I’d be homeschooling our four little ones while living over seas.

I wanted to do something that would be fun and educational.

After all who wants learning to be boring?

So “color day” was born in our home.

On any given day I would announce that the next day was “Red Day!” or “Blue Day!” or “Green Day!”

We would wear the color, eat food of that color (green day was not a hit for this reason) and play “I spy” for that color all throughout our day.

It was fun.

And hopefully we grew to appreciate God’s creativity a little more.

After returning to the States I kept up the color day but with much less frequency, often finding it difficult to carve out the needed energy and fore thought to bring it about.

But it lingers on and has adapted as my children have left the stage of colors and numbers.

Then I went to prison, and my outlook grew.

One of the requirements for us to be allowed to go in was we wear purple tops and black pants. I owned 1 purple top. So I went shopping, for it was a two day appointment.

I was blessed to share with several ladies about Jesus and the hope of Salvation. I grew to love these women and they returned the emotion.

On our last time with the ladies one woman, with whom I had formed a friendship, commented to another inmate.

“We can’t hug the purple ladies, but I wish we could.”

I took that phrase with me as I squeezed her hand for the last time. I have added purple to my wardrobe and pray for those inmates when wearing my purple.

This to the shear joy of our middle girl who’s favorite color is purple.

One day at school she and I were wearing our purple and another Mommy who was present was also wearing purple.

As we discussed this unusual happen stance she smiled, “It must be Purple Tuesday!”

So, not every Tuesday, but many of them we wear purple. I always smile when I walk out of my bedroom on a Tuesday and my middle girl says, “Mom, it’s Purple Tuesday!”

Other people at school have joined in from time to time, and we have had a great deal of joy out of our special tradition.

My wonderful in-laws bought me a beautiful flowing cardigan for Christmas that is a lovely royal purple.

My first day at school wearing the beloved garment I received many compliments but one Mommy blessed me by quoting scripture:

“Her clothing is fine linen and purple.” Proverbs 31:22b

I grinned.

“Thank you.”

What wonderful gifts we have all around us in the everyday. I hope you and your family have your own special traditions which bring added joy through the simplest of things.