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When tragedy strikes


Like boating, our lives can suddenly hit rough water.

Before any hint of a change, the waves are crashing over us, and we suddenly feel helpless, broken, lost.

Yet, tragedy can ignite heroism.

The moment when a father gives his life to rescue a child.

The scars across a teacher as she protects her class from a tornado.

The neighbors, friends, and public servants who dig through rubble in an effort to free the trapped after an earthquake.

And too often the questions are asked: “Where was God? ” “Why did this happen? ”

He was there, in the midst.

How else would we have the courage to sacrifice for the needs of others, if we were not empowered by God?

Where else would miracles come from, if not from God?

Yet, grief is great.

Its weight can be so heavy as to feel like we will never again be able to experience joy, or love, or peace.

Yet, God offers comfort and healing.

When we cling to Him, even through the most horrific pain,
He is faithful.

And when we are not the ones bearing the marks of grief, we should be aware of those who are.

Pray for the hurting.
Pray for the broken.
Pray for those struck by tragedy.