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Gift from a stranger

The Lord really blessed my heart yesterday afternoon.

Through a list of circumstances, we hadn’t eaten lunch yet, although it was well past.

We’ve been needing to go to the grocery store.

Jase and I were there with a list.

He’d written it as we drove and discussed what we should be purchasing.

Our cart had multiple items and I was heading for the last things when a stranger stopped me.

She was older with kind eyes.

Behind her mask I’m sure she was smiling.

She sat in a motorized cart in the Express Line.

Her hand waved me down and then beckoning, she requested I come near her.

As I moved closer she began rummaging in her large bag.

I couldn’t imagine what she was wanting from me, but I was feeling a bit concerned.

I couldn’t speak to her.

After a quick, silent prayer, I decided the best thing to do was to wait and listen.

I’m sure it was the Lord.

After a bit of searching, she produced the notepad and pen set pictured.

Handing it over, she happily announced,

“This is for your next trip to the grocery store.”

I took them and was filled with surprise.

“I noticed you were being followed by him with a notepad.”

She nodded towards Jase.

I smiled behind my mask, touched by this act of kindness.

I turned to Jase and signed, “Thank you”.

He translated for me.

I then signed, “God bless you.”

Upon hearing from Jase, her face lit up and she replied.

“Why! Thank you! I can always use an extra blessing.”

I signed, “Thank you” again and we walked away.

Jase was as touched as I.

We finished up our shopping.

Jase translated for me when we checked out and we left the store.

And met the same lady.

She was taking her motorized cart to return it.

I signed “Thank you” several times in an effort to let her know how much I appreciated her gift.

It wasn’t until later I realized what a valuable gift it is.

I’ve been told, deaf people always carry paper and pen to be able to communicate.

I’ve been trying to keep such things in my purse, but have had multiple times where it was lacking.

I’ve written on envelopes and receipts to in a pinch.

I’ve had to borrow other people’s pens.

It’s just not something I’m used to planning for and has caused problems.

This notebook and pen are perfect!

As I told my husband about this gift from a stranger, my heart was amazed at the goodness and faithfulness of God.

I wish I could have communicated to the lady how much her gift has blessed me.

Since that’s not an option, I have prayed for her and thanked God for how He blessed me through her generosity.

I’m also praising God with renewed awe at the way the Lord works.

Because yesterday morning I had been telling another about how faithful and good God is.

I had mentioned that I no longer have needs, but simply pray, waiting upon the Lord when something arises and He fills it.

And before the day was over, He proved again He is able through supplying something I didn’t even realize I needed.

Praise God!

Psalm 4:5 KJV — Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the LORD.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You so much for Your faithfulness! Lord, my heart is filled with gratitude and wonder at Your provision for such a small thing. Lord, I humbly request You bless the lady who blessed me, that she would find all she needs in You. Lord, thank You for proving again to me that You care about the small details as much as the large ones. You work in ways we can not understand to bring about things we may never realize here on earth. Lord, may people be encouraged to place their trust in You no matter the circumstances. May lives be changed by Your salvation. Lord Jesus, may You be glorified such that no one can deny the truth of who You are and what You have done. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

Kindness in a stranger

This picture is of the empty parking space where they had been.

I didn’t really think about it until they were gone.

I’d not been sitting in the car for very long when she pulled into the space next to me.

My husband is feeling better, but not well enough to drive, so I was playing chauffeur.

Since, I’m not allowed inside the doctor’s office unless there’s a medical reason, I sat in the car.

I’d decided to sit in the back seat where there’s more leg room to crochet.

I’d gotten all comfy when she pulled in.

It was an SUV, so I could easily see the driver, a young woman.

A bit later, movement caught my eye and I saw her carrying a baby boy.

I love babies!

I smiled.

She smiled too.

As this young mother left, I figured she was taking her little one to the pediatrician’s office in the same building as our doctor.

Time passed and they returned.

I smiled and she saw me.

She smiled back.

I was a bit surprised, she just hopped into the front seat with her baby, but it’s not my business to spy on people so I returned to crocheting.

Not long afterwards, I noticed movement again.

She had gotten back out of the driver’s seat and was standing next to the car window.

She was holding her baby so I could see him.

Through the glass we both were smiling at one another.

I told her he was adorable and made a motion with my hand for the sign, “beautiful”.

She understood and grabbed his little arm and waved at me.

I asked how old he was.

She carefully held him as she put up nine fingers.

“Nine months old,” replied this sweet mother.

Still smiling I nodded and that was the end of our conversation.

It’s a bit chilly out, so I wouldn’t have wanted to keep them out in the cold.

I also couldn’t think of more to say other than, “he’s adorable!”.

She soon backed out of the space and drove away.

And it suddenly seemed a little colder.

Some how this mother and baby had brought such warmth that I missed them when they left.

How does the kindness of a stranger touch my heart like that?

I am certain, it’s Jesus.

I thanked the Lord for this little moment and I prayed for this mother and child.

I thought of our grandson and then our granddaughter and prayed for them as well.

Pausing briefly, in my crocheting, I looked at the empty space and thanked God again for this sweet moment and these two strangers.

I returned to my crocheting, but continued to pray.

The space remained empty until right before it was time to leave.

It was another young woman who pulled in and as I prepared to back out I smiled at her.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for mother and baby boy. Please put Your hand upon them and watch over them. Guide their lives and direct them into the path of peace. Lord, thank You for the young lady who pulled in as I was leaving. Place Your truth into her heart and mind. Lord, please let those who are called by Your name be lights that shine brightly. Help us to love as You love, to walk this Earth interested in those around us more than our own wants and desires. Lord, help us live open handed, willing to smile and wave to a stranger. Please be glorified through us. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

The compassion of a stranger

It has been going on for a while.

Anne has been expressing discomfort all year, but it’s stepped up a notch this summer.

I struggle with not feeling like I should have caught it sooner.

Infact when she was in fifth grade we had her into a specialist.

The diagnosis was migraines.

So we’ve watched Anne more carefully since then.

She even fainted twice at school one year, but we thought it was low blood sugar.

This basketball season her complaint seemed to form more frequently.

With the Spring her allergies were definitely angry and I mistakenly thought she was struggling with just the affects of that.

It was early Summer when I saw her grab her chest the same way I do when my chest is hurting.

It was like a bell rang in my brain.

I called the doctor’s office and spoke with a nurse.

She said I’d need to write down the symptoms and call back in a week.

Which I did.

I spoke with our doctor this time and she agreed that Anne should be seen.

In the meantime the chest pains had become so painful that Anne has actually been unable to function at times.

My anticipation for her to see the doctor was increasing as she struggled with not feeling well.

Then I realized I wouldn’t be able to attend the appointment.

Thankfully my husband was able to.

Our doctor agreed that she most likely has asthma, but wanted to rule out any other issues, so after Anne received a breathing treatment in the office my husband was to drive her to the hospital to get a chest x-ray and an EKG.

I spoke with my husband before they headed to the hospital.

I gripped the phone tight, willing myself not to be emotional.

My heart silently prayed for the Lord to comfort our girl since I couldn’t.

I so wanted to be there, to hold her hand, to pray with her, to comfort her.

Instead God had a different plan.

I received a text from my husband with the following picture and words:

So, I came around the corner from going to the bathroom and I heard this lady say to Bethany “Are you a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ?” next thing I know they are praying for Bethany’s EKG.

I blinked back the tears of joy and surprise.

“God, You are amazing!”

My husband assured me that he had thanked the sweet lady.

Jesus knew exactly what both Anne and I needed.

And He filled it perfectly

with the

compassion of

a stranger.

A stranger


These two are far from strangers.

Born into the same family,
they have shared many of the same things,
yet are entirely different,
but strangers they are not.

Yet they like all of our children struggle at times with understanding how to communicate.

Communication is tough.

It is more than words,
body language,

Last week I was shopping alone,
which is an almost never occurrence.

Buying our Bethany a birthday gift.

When communication went…

it’s difficult to put into words.

My senior year I was privileged to be an aid in our special education room.

There were several of the students there who also were in our FFA group.

One of them had been elected to the board that year and it was my job to help her complete her’s.

She was terrific and I loved working with her.

Since then when I am blessed enough to meet a person like her I try to be friendly.

At least to smile and look them in the eye and say “Hello”.

As I was making my purchase last week, a lady caught my eye.

My first thought was of my school friend, and I smiled.

I wanted to communicate something to her.

To be friendly, gentle, hopefully a spot of joy in her day.

But as communication often does,
something entirely unexpected happened.

She waited until I was finished.

Walked straight toward me and said,
“I haven’t seen you in so long!”

She threw her arms around my neck and squeezed.

I hugged her back too blessed to choke out much more than “Hi!”.

She introduced me to her friends, who all smiled.

She said a few other things about why they were there and where they were going and then said “Goodbye” and left.

So did I.

I didn’t want to cry in the middle of the store.

I didn’t intend for that to happen.

For her to bless me when I was trying to bless her.

Did we know each other?

Honestly, I’m not sure.

She looked familiar but I have been out of school for longer than I want to admit and my memory isn’t fantastic when it comes to people I have not seen in years.

But it doesn’t matter.

In that moment she wasn’t a stranger,  she was my friend.

And I had to think.

What if we treated all the people in our lives the way she did me?

How would my children react if they were greeted with a hug every time I saw them?

What would occur in my classroom if I always wore a “I’m so happy to see you!” smile?

Inside I have to admit,
Jesus calls me to love,
yet how do I really love?

If I can take the lesson I learned last week from someone I don’t really know.
I would understand there’s danger in the world and people who aren’t to be trusted.

Yet love those around me,

I think that was what God was trying to communicate to me.