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Showered baby

This was yesterday.

It was an blessing from beginning to end.

Sissy’s church wanted to give them a shower before baby arrives.

And they certainly showered baby!

It was such fun.

We played games, ate, talked, and enjoyed watching Sis open her gifts.

More than once she had to stop to wipe a tear from her eye.

“I’m just so blessed! Thank you!”

She said it over and over.

To add to the blessings both her sisters and my mother were able to attend.

They had driven up the night before.

Unfortunately they had to leave right after, but it was lovely having them there.

After we arrived back at their home I received a call from Aunt Ursula.

She’s such a sweet wonderful lady.

“I pray for all my family everyday. Now you be sure to kiss that baby when it comes and tell them that’s from Aunt Ursula!”

Chuckling I promised faithfully to fulfill her wish.

She had also wanted Sis to know she wished her a happy birthday.

(Tuesday we celebrated Sis’s birth.)

And as if those things were not enough I was blessed to watch as the parents-to-be placed each item away for the day they would be needed.

Since my room when I stay here is also the baby’s room, I woke this morning so thankful.

“Lord, You have abundantly provided for this little one. Thank You for all the these blessings.”

My memory pulled back the pages of the past when I’d been the expectant mother.

“Thank You Lord. You have provided in so many ways, so many things.”

And He isn’t finished.

Whatever we walk in He’s there.

When our lives are completely submitted to Him it brings such peace.

No matter the future, Jesus is the blessing.

I pray for our grandchild to be showered in the knowledge and love of Jesus all their life.