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Blessing beyond measure


I’m finished.

Thursday was my last day to teach at the Academy.

I wanted to hug all the kids about a dozen times.

I had to work at not crying.

I was so blessed to receive a beautiful rose bush and a gift card to our favorite restaurant.

The best gift however was this quilt and pillows

I was presented it at the 8th grade promotion.

It is made up of Bible verses and notes from my various students.

Not just this year, but from every year I’ve taught.


My oldest daughter even got in touch with one of my students who lives in another state.

The sweet lady who was my aid this year pieced it and another of the teachers was the one who had the kids work on it, and a third lady quilted it.

To add a special touch my life chapter is the center: Psalm 23.

I asked her how she knew.

She laughed. “I was there the morning Travis asked you what your life verse was and you said, ‘It’s a life chapter, Psalm 23, because I just can’t break it up, it all fits together. ‘”

I had forgotten about that moment, but she hadn’t.

My Anne looked at me when I laid the quilt and pillows on the bed.

“Mom, you need to take a picture. You need to write a blog about how blessed you are.”

I agreed.

The beautiful quilt is only a tiny representation of the blessings I’ve had working these last 8 years.

I have been so blessed to spend many days with the most terrific people.

Each and every one of my students I have had the privilege to know and love.

The lesson were more than just reading and writing, but character and wisdom.

They have taught me so much.

I have a beautiful long list of the memories of each student.

Some I only taught a year, but each has left a blessing on my heart, even those who were a challenge.

I have been so honored  to work with so many talented gifted people.

People who ignite the imagination of the students.

I have been thrilled to watch the young adults graduate and move on, some even beginning new families.

The truth is I haven’t been working these past 8 years.

I’ve been living with the joy of doing something I love.

I’ve been drawn ever closer to Jesus.

I’ve been taught, stretched, encouraged, and loved.

It has been an absolute pleasure.

Dear Lord,
   Please hold each of the children in Your hand. Please guide each family. Continue the work You began in each heart that these young men and women will be able to fully develop into the men and women of Christ You created them to be. Watch over them and protect them. Please let them know how much they are loved. Thank You for allowing me to have a tiny part in their lives. Thank You for letting me love them!

little Blessings


Last week was the first week of school.

One of my students made this for me.

She also wrote a journal entry about it.

Which went something like:

“This is a beautiful necklace.
I made this beautiful necklace.
I made this beautiful necklace for you!
I hope you can wear this beautiful necklace, because I made it for you.”

I promised to wear the “beautiful necklace” to school the next day since I already was wearing a necklace.

Broad smile.

At the end of the day she walked over to me.

“Don’t forget. Wear my necklace tomorrow! ”

I assured her I would.

Her little face was so sweet when she saw me wearing the “bea-u-tiful necklace” the next morning.

And I am wearing it again today.

It has been a week since I wore it.

What prompted the donning of the “beautiful necklace”?

Don’t I feel a little childish?

Does it really match the heals and skirt?

Won’t I just be drawing special attention to a gift encouraging others to give things so they can receive special attention?

Each time I receive a gift from a student I give the item special attention. 

If it is a drawing it hangs on my wall.
If it is food I take a bite while they are near and comment on it. “Yummy! ”
Because with a gift they are saying they love me and are looking for love in return.

I love all my students, not just the ones who give gifts.

But because each and every one is a little Blessing.

Each and every one has a gift and a purpose God has bestowed.

Each one has the finger prints of the Lord,  Who fashioned them in their mother’s womb.

How can I do anything less than love them?

In loving it can mean doing something others might not understand.

Like wearing the “beautiful necklace”.

However I know there’s a little blessing in my classroom who will understand

1st Day


It takes days of preparation.

Hours of meetings.

And then you line up.

Your desk is full of freshly sharpened pencils.

Your children don their newest clothes.

The “shot” is fired.

And another school year begins.

It’s never exactly what you think and rarely does all the planning fit all the problems but it is worthwhile.

For education isn’t simply for the students,

Nor just another chance at a wage,

Nor is it simply a babysitter.

Education is a gift to those who are eager and to them who have already attained it to give back by sharing with others.

It is a gift for the parents, to help them give their children something far more valuable than a chance at a good job.

It is the joy of learning and continuing to grow past the alphabet and square-root.

It is the wonder of a world so complex that the universe is still being explored.

It is the thrill of learning stars can be plotted by applying mathematics.

It is the understanding of other cultures and countries by reading their history.

It is the grateful heart that sees, hears, learns, and then realizes that all of this is a gift from God.

Not everyone is going to enjoy the same things.

Not everyone will hear the same songs or dance to the same beat.

But each of us has a blessing and a responsibility when it comes to education.

Whether we are the students, the teachers,  the staff or the parents we must strive to be thankful for the gift of learning while looking for ways to in still it in others.

For the Bible tells us that to be a learner is a blessing.

Proverbs 1:5
“A wise man will hear and increase learning,
And a man of understanding will obtain counsel. ”

And knowledge is truly a gift from God.