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Praising God, such a privilege!

Praise is a privileged.

God deserves all our praise, but to truly praise Him from our hearts is an honor for us as well.

God’s Word tells us the very rocks would cry out if praise was absent.

Revelation gives us a glimpse, around the throne of God where we see constant and continual praise.

With this knowledge it seems praise would be as virat as food, yet is it?

Are we purposeful about praising God?

Do we think to praise throughout our day?

If not there is no better time to begin, fill your day with moments of praise.

Nothing was ever written requiring our praise to be accompanied by beautiful music.

It’s nice, but not necessary.

What is required is our hearts.

God doesn’t want a ritual, He wants our love.

He doesn’t want a robotic recital of words, cold and distant.

He wants the honest confessions of joy and thankfulness which we all owe to Him with every breath.

The reason praise must come from our hearts is it means we have taken our eyes and fixed them upon Him.

When we do that, stopping to proclaim all that He is and has done, we are lifted up from the mire of daily sinful world and into the presence of God.

Talk about an honor!

The Creator of the Universe looking forward to meeting with each one of us, and it can happen in our moments of praise.

What a wonderful opportunity!

How pleasant to purposefully sew praise and worship into the fabric of each day.

It won’t come if we don’t choose it.

To praise is a privilege and today, I’m choosing to walk in it.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for today. Please walk with us and guide us this day. Lord, we have so much pulling at our hearts and minds, things which would distract us from You. Please help us to find moments of praise and thanksgiving throughout the day. Please, wipe away anything which would try to hinder our praise. Lord, if there is something which is holding back our hearts from You, a sin which has tied us up in bitterness, fear, worry, selfishness or any other sin, please show it, that we might repent. Hold us in Your hands. Lord, place a hedge of protection around us and keep our feet from wandering. Help us to keep You as our priority and to allow You to guide us continually. Lord Jesus, thank You for all the gifts and blessings. Lord, thank You for those things we see as difficult or unexpected, for You can work through it all. Lord, please help us to be unswerving in our faith, like Job. Willing to praise You no matter the circumstances. Praise You, Lord! I praise Your Holy name!