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After Anne had worked so hard on her furniture, Dad and Tim moved it in.

Of course they had to move out her old dresser.

Sis and I stood out on the front lawn watching them move the furniture.

I couldn’t help looking at Anne’s old dresser.

It had been very used when I got it, many years ago.

Looking at it reminded me of the sequence of events.

We were preparing to move and I knew Sis would need a bed, as the bunk bed wasn’t going to fit in the new space.

It was one of those “just happened to” moments.

It was the weekend of our church’s children’s camp and our whole family was busy at the camp.

I can’t remember why, but I’d driven to my Mom’s house, where we’d been staying, and one of her neighbors was having a yard sale.

Although I didn’t have lots of time I swung in.

They had a bed and a nice bookcase.

I bought them on the spot as the price was very reasonable.

When we returned later with the truck the lady explained that she forgot to tell me about a dresser.

“It goes with the bed.”

It needed painting and I knew I wasn’t going to get to it, but I also knew Anne would love it.

And she has, although it’s lost handles and turned out to be fairly cheaply made.

As all these memories ran through my brain I said aloud, “I kind of hate to get rid of this. I never got to redo it for Anne.”

Sis nodded.

“You know the mirror is really cool. It would make a really great chalkboard!”

I hadn’t thought of that, but she was right.

When the guys came over we mentioned it to them and they agreed.

The next day I took a little time and took the mirror apart.

When I showed my husband he was very receptive.

He drove to the store and bought paint and the board we would need.

He and Jase cut it to fit.

He primed it for me.

The next few days I worked on it as I had time.

One day after work, my husband put it all back together.

It’s just waiting for us to hang it.

Yesterday, in between teaching and cooking I put our memory verse on it.

I didn’t have time to make it fancy, but I love the chalkboard.

It’s definitely a remade item we will all enjoy.

I love how God does things.

He used this furniture to provide for a need and now as a family project we will all enjoy.

And although we remade the mirror into a unique chalkboard, it’s nothing compared to the way He is remaking me.

Through His Word and His patient instruction, I’m being remade.

I love having this chalkboard as a daily reminder to His work in me.

And it’s a journey we can all enjoy.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for Your patience. Thank You for this little project. I know You are doing so much more than we can possibly understand, thank You! Lord, no matter what tomorrow brings, please continue to remake me into Your likeness. Please continue to hone my heart, that I might reflect You more each day. Lord, I love You. Thank You for first loving me. Amen.

Humbled by His patience

Words escape me.

The Lord Jesus is so faithful.

And I don’t deserve it.


I doubt Him.

I argue.

I struggle.

Yet, He’s so faithful, loving, and forgiving.

Not long ago I wrote about a project: a prayer book.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Yet, when the package finally arrived last week,

I choked back tears.

Which my son quickly admonished me,

“No crying, Mom!”

Both of my children couldn’t understand what would possibly be upsetting me.

“Mom, it’s great! I really like it. I’m sure they will love it!”

Anne did her best to cheer me.

I couldn’t explain at the moment.

My emotions were not disappointment in the finished product.

It was embarrassment in my doubting the Lord.

He had told me to do it.

He gave me the words and the creativity to craft it.

He provided the funds to purchase it.

I’d been doubtful, and fearful in the beginning.

Expectant and excited in the process.

Then frustrated and impatient in the end.

Now, I was humbled.

My heart poured out my thanks and regret.

I’m proud of you.

“Lord! I’m truly sorry for not walking with more trust and peace through this process. Please forgive me for my times of doubt and my moments of worry.”

You obeyed Me.

And that was enough.

I’m truly humbled by His working through me.

I’m amazed by His generous grace and mercy.

And He gave me a double portion:

A prayer book for this dear family adding a sweet baby to their lives,

and another opportunity for me to learn.

Because obedience is better than sacrifice.

Praise the Lord!

A new blanket

I was so blessed to receive this beautiful yarn for Christmas!

Originally, I wanted to make a sweater from one of these skeins.

However, I try to always pray about what God wants me to make and the answer was a baby blanket.

At first I couldn’t picture it.

Which pattern should I use?

How would these two ombre colors work together?

So this project sat, waiting for me to hear from the Lord.

It was perfect.

When I’d finished my previous projects (a hat for Mom and overalls for our granddaughter) the answer came.

Honestly, I still couldn’t see it.

Normally I have a mental picture of the finished product.

The finished product comes out a little different, but starting without any mental picture seemed a bit of a stretch.

Yet, stretching is something I’m learning to do more and more.

With a day of rest I was able to get a lot of the blanket finished yesterday.

It was such a pleasure to hear my sweet husband say:

“That’s a really pretty blanket,” with a smile of appreciation.

I had to praise the Lord.

It was all His idea.

With these days of learning, stretching, and surrender I’ve been finding more and more that when I take life before the Lord in prayer first, beautiful things happen.

On my own, in my own desires or opinions things rarely turn out at all.

Too many times I’ve tried to force circumstances or work something out, and if anything actually came of it all, I found my stress and striving had robbed me of any possible joy.

I don’t want to go back to that.

Although it’s not always comfortable, and I rarely feel any sense of control, there’s a beautiful freedom in allowing everything to be God’s.

God’s plans, His timing, His outcome.

It works so much better.

Stress and striving can’t rob God, He doesn’t do either of those things.

So, I don’t have to either.

I can pray before starting any project or task and pray while I work.

And I can leave the results up to God.

If something goes wrong, I’m going to look for an opportunity to learn from the mistake, and I’m going to praise Him for He never leaves me or forsakes me.

It’s incredible the lessons He has taught me from one small baby blanket.

The psalmist said it best.

Psalm 37:4 KJV — Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.