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Keeping it fresh


Children are part of my everyday.

And they are so important to me.

At school,
At church,
At home,
I want to teach, train , and encourage these children.

As we prepare for the Christmas program I am yet again struck by the one thing the director said:

“I want to keep it simple, but I mostly want it to be a chance for the children to take the story,  the whole story of Jesus, home with them in their hearts.”

My mind immediately asks: “How do we keep the story fresh?  How do we help them see past the baby in the manger to the man on the cross? ”

Of course God already had given the answer to our director.

This year our retelling of this wonderfully amazing story will be told with silhouette paintings.

Each part will be narrated. And the end will be a chance to see the birth and the death and the resurrection all at once, giving the children a picture of the entire story to hold in their hearts.

I am excited to see the reactions of the children and I’m praying for them to completely grasp the point and importance.

So as I pray for a fresh and deeper understanding of this message to touch the children,

I am also praying that I will be able to do the same.

As an adult it can seem that I know the story to its deepest level, but every year I learn something new. Every year I am touched by another facet. Every year I find, if I’m willing,  a refreshing of my soul as I think about the greatest birthday ever.