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Last Saturday

Sometimes, something expected turns into a surprising blessing.

Saturday we’d already planned on going to a nursery and buying an apple tree to replace one of the cedars, per our agreement with our landlord.

I’d done my research online.

Found a nursery which carried apple trees and had them in stock.

As the nursery has a restriction on numbers, no more than two people to a group, it was just my husband and I who went.

The nursery was beautiful.

Its green houses, shop, and grounds were a pleasure to explore.

While inside one of the greenhouses, my husband saw the primroses.

He’d already told me to plan on buying some.

They are pretty, not expensive, and the ones I planted last year have hardly stopped blooming all year long.

It was fun picking out plants.

We eventually found the trees and picked out a Gala.

As these were bare-root, my hubby went in search of someone to help us with the tree, he gave me permission to wander.

I enjoyed it.

But I didn’t know I was about to be blessed.

To fully explain it I have to tell a bit of personal history.

Both while we were living in the UK and whenever we visited, our whole family found such joy in a particular bush, sometimes they were so large I wondered if they were a dwarf tree.

These bushes bore the prettiest white flowers that gave off a gentle but lovely scent.

I could never find anyone who knew the name of them.

It seemed so strange to me, because they were common.

When we purchased the house in the Valley, the previous owners were walking me around the yard and almost as if it were an after thought randomly pointed to a large bundle of upright twigs.

“If you can keep the deer off that it’s beautiful.”

Bell’s dog made sure the deer didn’t come near it and to our surprise and delight it bloomed.

It was exactly the same bush we all enjoyed in the UK.

The bush is called a Mock Orange.

As I turned a corner behind the green houses there was a pot which caught my eye.

It was labeled Mock Orange.

So, our trip to the nursery turned out even better than we expected.

Primroses, a Gala apple tree, and a Mock Orange all now live in the back yard.

It’s not a big thing, but it means a lot to me.

I know God cares about the big things and the tiny little ones.

Matthew 10:30 KJV — But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You so much for all Your wonderous works. I’m often astonished at the way You do things. Lord, thank You for the daily miracles which I often take for granted. Thank You for the creation all around me that constantly points me back to You. Lord Jesus, how blessed we are. Jesus, there is nothing which compares to the joy of knowing You and following after You. Thank You! I love You, Lord. Amen.