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As I held the lever open to build pressure for our water pump I thought of the things which build pressure in me.

Earlier today my pressure gage began to rise as I looked around the living room and kitchen.

“Stuff is everywhere! How are we going to get back to your science if the house is a mess?”

Poor Annie just looked at me a little nervously.

“Am I making messes Mom?”


“No, just please help me clean up what mess we do have.”

She did and then we were able to get the science done and go to my nephew’s football game where my niece was participating as a cheerleader.

So was it worth my pressure?

Probably not.

I’m thankful for my daughter’s help in getting the mess contained.

I’m even more thankful for her willing attitude and kind response.

My level of frustration went down with her gentleness because it caused me to see what I was allowing my focus to be on.

I was letting my attitude be turned by a temporary circumstance.

Which I hate to say is more often than I would like it to be.

So what’s the solution?

Nope, I’m not always going to have a tidy and clean house.

No, I’m not always going to be excited about my circumstances.

Yes, I can make a choice as to how I handle those things which raise the pressure.

I have a quote on my frig.

It’s not about what happens to us, it’s about how we respond. Viktor Frankl

I don’t know this person, but I agree with the words.

Jesus lived this each and every day.

People thronged him and he responded with so much love He would heal all who came.

People tried to throw Him off a cliff and He simply walked away.

He spent time holding and blessing children although others thought it a waste of time.

People falsely accused Him and He simply remained silent.

He calmed a storm at sea when His followers thought He was asleep from shear indifference.

People tried to trick Him with questions posed in such a way as to snare Him with His answers. He gave them profound wisdom.

He spoke clearly as to Who He was and why He was sent. Then He calmly allowed them to beat Him and crucify Him.

Whatever pressure I am under, may Jesus’s example be my guide.

“Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spiteful use you…” Matthew 5:44a NKJV

Broken and made new


” We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed–always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.”
2 Cor. 4:8-10

It can seem to be overwhelming.

Troubles at work.

Problems with the neighbors.

Strife within the family.

Financial strain.

Questions about tomorrow.

Health issues–the list is long.

There are many ways we can feel pressure.

Often times we see these things as landmines to be avoided, and there are definitely things the Bible calls us to do which can bring peace and joy.

Yet, there are other times as well.

Times when we can not see the pain and pressure we are feeling are in fact for our good.

Two years ago I was given a lovely jade plant in an adorable ceramic pot.

I have really enjoyed the plant and even gave it a name.

Our daughter got a kitten this summer.

For some reason she took a dislike to the plant.

It only took seconds from the crash to my investigation to find the jade broken.

Two large pieces were laying near the over turned pot.

I wasn’t happy.

I did know that if properly cared for a broken piece can be rooted, so I took that angle after repotting my plant.

The picture at the top of the blog is the new jade.

Now I have two.

It wasn’t my plan, nor has it been easy keeping, but I couldn’t have seen how the kitten attacking my plant would work out to my benefit.

(I’m actually working to make the second plant a gift at Christmas! )

Life is like that.

No matter the pressure we need to see life through God’s perspective.

There are things which are simply a consequence of living in a fallen world, but God promises to use those things in our lives for our benefit.

Living like Jesus isn’t comfortable or easy, but it is what we are called to do.

So, no matter the source of the pressure, stop and praise God for His hand in it.