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Humbled by His patience

Words escape me.

The Lord Jesus is so faithful.

And I don’t deserve it.


I doubt Him.

I argue.

I struggle.

Yet, He’s so faithful, loving, and forgiving.

Not long ago I wrote about a project: a prayer book.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Yet, when the package finally arrived last week,

I choked back tears.

Which my son quickly admonished me,

“No crying, Mom!”

Both of my children couldn’t understand what would possibly be upsetting me.

“Mom, it’s great! I really like it. I’m sure they will love it!”

Anne did her best to cheer me.

I couldn’t explain at the moment.

My emotions were not disappointment in the finished product.

It was embarrassment in my doubting the Lord.

He had told me to do it.

He gave me the words and the creativity to craft it.

He provided the funds to purchase it.

I’d been doubtful, and fearful in the beginning.

Expectant and excited in the process.

Then frustrated and impatient in the end.

Now, I was humbled.

My heart poured out my thanks and regret.

I’m proud of you.

“Lord! I’m truly sorry for not walking with more trust and peace through this process. Please forgive me for my times of doubt and my moments of worry.”

You obeyed Me.

And that was enough.

I’m truly humbled by His working through me.

I’m amazed by His generous grace and mercy.

And He gave me a double portion:

A prayer book for this dear family adding a sweet baby to their lives,

and another opportunity for me to learn.

Because obedience is better than sacrifice.

Praise the Lord!