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“…with my whole heart.” Psalm 111:1a

(This post and a few others were written last week. Please forgive my inability to post them as they were written. I pray you are blessed.)

“Praise the LORD!

I will praise the LORD…” Psalm 111: 1a NKJV

Yes, I am praising the LORD for my wonderful daughter.

Yes, I am praising Him for the terrific breakfast she made me.

Yes, I am praising God for both Tim, Sis and Anne who are taking such good care of me.

And there’s so much more to praise Him for.

But I’ve had to have a reminder.

Sleep wouldn’t come when I first tried last night.

I was worrying about my husband and kids who are still without power and trying to empty our house so demolition and reconstruction can take place.

Instead of simply resting in the LORD’s blessing I was “worrying in prayer”.

“Lord, what about…?”

“Father, I’m concerned because…”

“If I was down there maybe I could…”




Do you trust Me?

-deep exhale-

“Yes, LORD, I trust You.”

I know exactly what I am doing.

There are important lessons in this.

Rest in My provision.

“Yes LORD. I’m sorry for worrying. Please forgive me for trying to figure out how to do this in my own strength.”

My whole being seemed to relax.

Then I realized what had led me to the worry.

I’d neglected to be thankful.

“LORD, thank You for my husband.

Thank You for Tim and Sis and baby.

Thank You for Bell.

Thank You for Anne.

Thank You for Jase.

Thank You for…”

Somewhere along the list I slipped into slumber.

Yet this morning, after my amazing breakfast I began again the running wheel of worry.

“Lord, what about my day? How do I plan when…”

We need to talk.

“Okay. Where do You want me to read Lord?”

Psalm 111

I misunderstood and turned to Psalm 1.

“Lord, there’s no 1:11.”

Psalm 111

“Oh! Right!”

“Praise the LORD! I will praise the LORD with my whole heart,…” Psalm 111:1a NKJV

I didn’t need to read more.

“LORD, You are so patient with me. Thank You. I will let You guide me and will stop trying to guess what is to come. What an awesome God You are! To love me so much You can put up with my doubt even after all You have already done for me. Thank You!”

Let’s write a blog.


“Great idea!”

Today I’m praising the Lord.

For He is so worthy of praise!