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Something new

In the days of waiting,

God can do something new.

While waiting for God to direct our family this summer,

I began to seek the Lord for the time I was in.

Helping around the house and with the baby were wonderful, but sometimes I just needed to sit.

Of course I did a lot of crochet work.

Yet, it felt as if I were missing something.

During my prayer time, one day a distant memory sprang up.

“Your grandmother always said you had such long thin fingers that you should play the piano.”

My mother had told me this many times throughout my childhood.

I’ve always felt a sense of regret at not learning to play.

While pondering these things the Lord spoke.

You live with a music teacher.

Laughter nearly escaped my lips.

It was much too early in the morning to wake the family by laughing aloud, but my heart rejoiced.

My daughter could definitely teach me to play piano.

And so it began.

When we had a few free moments she would give me a lesson and I would practice as much as I was able.

Upon moving, my heart leapt at the idea of learning the piano well enough to play music with our family.

I’m not a fast learner.

Sometimes I forget to practice for days on end.

Yet, I’m blessed as God has been giving me something new.

I look forward to the day when I can play alongside my husband’s guitar or my daughter’s voice.

That’s probably a long time from now, but I’m simply enjoying the opportunity to stretch, to learn, to see what God has in this.

Age, illness, nor infirmity can hinder God.

He’s able to continue to teach, train, and exhort no matter the circumstances.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for teaching me something new. Thank You for using the times when all I can see is the waiting. Lord, thank You for Your patience and love. Please continue to guide and grow me. I want to be ever Your pupil, eager and willing and engaged in Your lessons of life.