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When viewing a pattern up close,
it is easy to appreciate the design,
to notice the details,
to enjoy the intricacy.

being up close doesn’t allow
one to understand the
whole picture.

Life can be the same.

In each day one can see the happenings,
the “to do” list,
the emotions of the moment.

Yet often it is difficult to see the overall picture of how each day,
each choice,
each relationship
flows together to create
a picture,
a time line,
a heritage.

Years ago when our oldest was a toddler my husband’s grandparents were visiting.

Grandma was sitting in the living room with Sissy and I.

Suddenly she smiled broadly and patted my knee.

“Just think! All this started with Pa and me!”

Her eyes twinkled and I agreed with her, squeezing her hand.

For that instant the big picture came into focus and she was blessed.

Recently the Lord did the same for me.

I was struggling with concerns for our son,
his progress in school is steady,
but I was worrying over how far we still have to go,
how much more effort it will take,
and questioning if I am doing enough.

The main trigger for this being our son’s birthday this week.

He turned 10.
He was thrilled.

His body is about the size of a 7-8 year old (we think due to slow growth) and his Math is a low 3rd grade, his reading a low 1st grade.

Because I understand all these details it is sometimes difficult to see the big picture.

Thankfully my husband brought the bigger picture into view.

“Honey, he’s progressing steadly. He’s farther in school than ever before and likes it. He’s a gentle, kind, fun kid who is often helping or trying to help others. He loves you and me and all our family. And you are doing a great job with him.”

The big picture suddenly swung into view.

When our son is an adult it won’t matter when he learned to read,  or whether he had extra help,  but it will matter if he’s responsible, hardworking, and moral.

It will matter if he’s faithful, understanding, and kind.

It will matter if he’s wise, selfless, and trustworthy.

Ultimately, it will matter most if he has a relationship with Jesus Christ.

He isn’t all these things yet but there’s plenty of time to continue to hone his character one day at a time,  one choice at a time,  one moment at a time.

I know this because God is still doing the same work with me.

When I feel discouraged or overwhelmed He is there to hone my character, to teach me self-control, to help me with my perspective.

Because the details are important.
They link together to create a picture,
a person,
a heritage.


Just like this pattern is a lovely garment,
so a life lived with Christ,
is a lovely