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Hidden beauty





I managed to untangle limb after limb and drag them across the yard.

Two of our trees needed to come down and the task of starting to clean up was my object for the day.

These trees were large and therefore it was work.

As I rounded a corner heading back to the tree I stopped.

Just behind a fern.

Out of sight from the main.

Hidden and beautiful.

These little purple pansies, reminders of last Spring when I planted purple pansies in the same area.

We had snow again this winter so I had zero expectations of seeing a single pansy since I have planted that number this Spring.

Yet, there they were.

Hidden beauty.

I thanked the Lord for them.

Took a picture and went back to work on the tree limbs.

The thought of hidden beauty made me look deeper.

What other beauties have I been missing?

How have I passed over the beauty in those around me?

What beauty has God placed inside of me that I’m ignoring?

Thankfulness came to mind first.

Being thankful is such a blessing and yet I seem to miss it frequently.

Joy was next to peek out.

How often do I allow the busy to rob me of daily joy in Christ?

Peace and trust.

What amazingly beautiful gifts these are.

And how I want to be a lady who is full of both, the peace of God which passes all understanding and the trust in Him which puts to death fear and failure.

So the next time I pass the tree with the pansies, I’m going to let it be a reminder to pray.

Dear Father God,

Please help me to pay more attention to the hidden gifts and blessings all around me. Show me how to walk as a woman who is full of peace, trust, joy, and thankfulness. Help me to reflect Jesus to those around me. Thank You for the flowers, what a wonderful reminder!