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She finished them!

It’s a shame I didn’t think to get before pictures of most of the furniture.

With my husband’s vacation being cancelled, Anne was in more of a hurry to try and get these done.

But I can tell you, they needed work.

There was definitely a reason all of the pieces put together was $50.

The tall dresser was in the best shape, as the long dresser had water damage on top as well.

The night stand had three burn marks and water damage.

The bench had stains on the top and a really big black widow spider living inside.

(One of those moments when I moved faster than normal!)

It was definitely an opportunity.

Anne learned a lot about the joys of renovation.

She also got to add her own special touch by painting flowers on the different pieces and the knobs.

Through it all I prayed and praised God.

Because I really didn’t help her very much.

Monday and Tuesday I helped some, but by Wednesday she’d learned each step and took over.

When it came to painting the mirror she took her time and was super careful.

Last night, Tim and hubby carried the dressers upstairs.

The smaller pieces we did previously.

We all commented on how her hard work paid off.

I love that God gave Anne this project.

I love how the furniture looks.

I love that Anne has gained a skill along with confidence to try something new.

I love that she now has furniture to take with her, whenever and wherever God leads her as an adult.

God’s ways are always best.

I’ve needed to be reminded of that this week.

I’ve been reading the book of Job on my Bible app, but didn’t have it bookmarked in my Bible.

So, I knew it wasn’t a coincidence when my Bible fell open to Job 38 yesterday morning.

God’s words to Job were exactly what I needed to hear.

I had wanted to do this with Anne, every step of the way.

But that wasn’t what happened, because God knows best.

Yesterday, when Tim was asking about the project I honestly said, “No, I really didn’t help much. She did this.”

Instead of me working alongside her, it was Jesus.

As a mom, I find it difficult to let go.

I want to be with our children, no matter their age, to help, to encourage, to listen.

But that isn’t always what is best for them.

And God knows exactly what is.

I’m still learning how to let go and trust Him for each of our children.

And what a great reminder to that truth, these beautiful pieces of furniture that Anne and Jesus did.

Who has put wisdom in the mind? Or who has given understanding to the heart?
Job 38:36 NKJV

God did, and I’m praising Him for it!

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You so much for this opportunity. Thank You for teaching Anne how to do all these things. Thank You for giving her this opportunity not only to learn, but to stretch out into something new. Lord, please continue to guide and direct each of our children. Let their hearts be molded by You, that their lives might bring You glory. Lord, thank You for reminding me that Your ways are best. Thank You for teaching me another opportunity to let go. Please continue to speak into our hearts and minds. Please continue to bring us closer to You. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Learning by trial and error

Anne and I had so many things planned for our two weeks without the guys.

So, when they came home on Sunday we were unsure what to do.

Obviously, her furniture had to be done, so we worked together on it Sunday, when ordinarily we’d rest.

Our thought was, “It’s in the way. We’ve got to free up space in the garage.”

Of course, we couldn’t get four pieces of furniture done in that amount of time.

My husband understood and appreciated our efforts.

While they unpacked the truck, Monday, Anne and I worked on the furniture.

I’m only able to do some of it because of my health.

So, when it was time to put the top coat on her night stand I went back in the house.

Much later, Anne showed me the table.

She wasn’t happy.

I could see why.

Brown streaks were all over the top of the table and one side had them as well.

Being relatively new to this I wasn’t sure what we were seeing, bleed through or top coat.

The decision was made to let it sit over night and figure out what to do in the morning.

Tuesday came and it was still there.

Anne and I decided the best approach was to sand it back off.

I felt bad for her, as she’d carefully painted flowers on the top that had to come off.

After sanding, she repainted it.

It was definitely the top coat, not bleed through.

So, she switched brushes and reapplied the top coat to a drawer. (Much easier to sand down if it didn’t work.)

Thankfully, it worked beautifully, no streaks.

During all of this, my husband set up a temporary spray tent in the backyard, went to the store to purchase primer, and sprayed all the drawers to the remaining two dressers and primered the long dresser.

This way, Anne can do the painting today and hopefully the top coat tomorrow.

Jase even got involved, he helped sand off the streaky top coat.

Anne and I were thrilled with all the help.

So, when my husband got a phone call from work yesterday, I was praying.

It turned out he cancelled his remaining vacation and returned to work this morning.

His two days were spent with us, just at home.

Cleaning and reorganizing the gear with Jase, painting the dressers with Anne.


It was a good two day vacation.

The reason being, our family spent time together.

God is honored when we love and honor one another.

And He was definitely part of all.

No matter what changes come next, I pray our family will honor God through each one.

Psalm 104:1 NKJV — Bless the LORD, O my soul! O LORD my God, You are very great: You are clothed with honor and majesty,

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You so much for these two days. Thank You for guiding and directing our family. Lord, we give You our lives, our plans, our family, and we humbly request that You be the center of it all. No matter our task, we want to honor You with our actions, attitudes, and words. Lord Jesus, You see the heart. If there is anything standing in the way of us following You, please remove it. Let our lives shine brightly before You. Thank You. Amen.

This morning’s teachable moment

Anne and I spent some time painting yesterday evening.

I hung this on the wall in our bathroom yesterday.

This morning as I was busy about the house I realized I hadn’t signed it.

So, I grabbed a pen I’d found in the bottom of my Bible bag and took down the painting.

The ink didn’t flow very well and I figured the pen was nearly out, but managed to get my initials on the corner.

As I replaced the picture I noticed a blob of black ink on the painting.

“Oh no!”

I got the painting back off the wall and saw black ink all over the back of the canvas and on the wall.

I grabbed a wash cloth and wiped up the mess.

Unfortunately some paint came off the painting as well as the ink, but I expected as much.

Once, I turned to the sink to wash the ink off my hands I saw my dress.

Black ink on the front.


I took off the dress and began trying to remove the stain.

Most of it came out.

I turned to head back into the closet and there was black ink on the tile!


Again I began cleaning as fast as possible.

Thankfully it all came up.

I got what I needed from the closet, took my dress to the laundry room and treated the ink.

Then I went to the kitchen.

I’d forgotten my pot of boiling potatoes due to the ink mess.

I quickly turned it off and removed the lid.

The topmost spud was so cooked it was beginning to fall apart which would greatly hinder me pouring the water off without sending potato down my drain.

I grabbed a utensil and tried to get the potato.

Of course it broke and splashed boiling water all over my right hand.

I dropped the potato which went to pieces.

More mess.

Eventually the potatoes were cooling in a bowl.

My hand felt better after running cool water over it and I decided to take a break.

Not long after this I received a text:

“I pray your day is well.”


“Thank You, Jesus.”

The Lord knew I was going to have all this occurring and He had put me on someone’s heart.

As I related the story to our daughter she commented.

“I’m so glad all that ink didn’t happen to the carpet.”


I hadn’t even thought of that!

With this came several other things to be thankful for.

To name a few:

I’d almost worn my white linen top and cream colored skirt this morning, but felt I should go with the grey dress instead.

The boiling pot of potatoes could have burned me much more if potato had plastered my hand instead of water.

My attitude could have degenerated into frustration and anger, but throughout I felt comfort, that everything really would be fine.

And there is the lesson I learned in my teachable moment.

Jesus doesn’t act as a safety bubble, cushioning me from every discomfort.

Instead, Jesus walks with me, guiding and speaking with me, training through the circumstances.

Because pain can be an incredible teacher.

Thankfulness can bloom into praise.

Life is a wonderful gift, given by God.

And He’s using every part to teach my heart.

Psalm 86:11 KJV — Teach me thy way, O LORD; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You so much for walking with me this morning. Thank You for keeping me in all these things. Lord, please continue to help me walk with you through each circumstance. Please shine Your truth into my life daily. Lord, thank You so much for teachable moments. May Your name be glorified throughout the whole Earth. Amen.


I didn’t expect it.

It wasn’t really any plan of mine.

But one of the things which has changed with our move has been my way of homeschooling.

In prayer, I was asking the Lord how to bring in more enjoyable lessons so we would have a variety.

That’s when the Lord talked to me about Art and Science day.

We try to do it once a month.

We began with watercolor because it’s what I had on hand.

I wasn’t expecting it to be such a hit.

But I’m so glad it is.

Our Anne has been painting in her free time.

It has been such a joy to watch!

Saturday, I was able to purchase her some better brushes and watercolor paper.

Yesterday, we both enjoyed watching a video watercolor lesson and creating our own pictures.

It’s been a two fold blessing.

First and foremost, I’m thrilled to watch our daughter learn and enjoy something new, something creative, something she enjoys.

But I’ve also been surprised by God’s love and His understanding.

As a child all I wanted to do was art in school.

I loved it.

I would sign up for Art class any chance I got.

But adulthood pushed that joy of creating into other forms.

Holding a baby in one arm makes painting very difficult.

So, I’ve scrap booked, I’ve made my own cards, I’ve sewed, and sometimes I have drawn.

My best creative outlet has been crocheting.

Rarely, even when teaching my kids or a class have I painted.

But it’s been good.

These have been wonderful years and I wouldn’t exchange any of the things the Lord has brought into my life.

Yet, He has never forgotten my love of creating in this way, even though I had.

It’s just another beautiful example of how good, how loving God truly is.

Praise the Lord!

An opportunity to change

Throughout my journey as a home school parent I’ve wanted to teach our children a variety.

Math facts and reading fluency are super important.

Yet, the human mind and heart need more.
Just like our bodies need more than meat and potatoes.

It’s with this in mind, I’ve tried to find ways to engage our children.

Friday was one of those days.

I wanted to do something different.

We began with a simple lesson in Watercolor painting.

Later, we moved into dissection.

(Anne decided it wasn’t too horrible after all.)

The school day ended with me reading aloud from a novel.

I have read this book aloud every Christmas season for years.

Yes, we could have done another Math drill or Phonics or Editing practice.

No, we won’t be able to schedule this kind of extra day every week.

Yes, it was lovely.

A chance to change our schedule.

An opportunity to allow learning in a different format.

It’s not such a priority that it will usurp the every school day schedule often.

However, it was a welcome change.

And it helped me to appreciate the Lord even more.

With the vast array of wonders all around us.

What better way to bring praise to our hearts than to stop and learn about something God has made?

While showing our children pictures in Watercolor by John James Audubon, I was reminded of the amazing creatures he captured with ink and brush.

Each beautiful feather, bill, and beak a master piece, done by the Master.

As I watched the kids learn how to apply pigment and water in different amounts to paper, I was reminded that the creativity inside each person is simply a reflection of the Creator.

Although dissection isn’t something I want to do often, it’s incredible how the Lord put a small worm together.

How it breathes through it’s skin is amazing.

The tiny organs which each function to provide the worm with all it needs to survive are incredible.

All of these details hidden under our feet.

Yes, God’s fingerprints are evident.

And lastly, the joy in hearing a story they’ve heard many times, points back to the Greatest story every told.

The birth, life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is the thread which holds our lives together.

If Jesus hadn’t saved me, my priorities would be vastly different.

If God had not provided so many resources, I’d not even be aware of all I am trying to teach.

If Jesus and His salvation were unknown to me, I’d not be pouring so much effort into passing on the knowledge nor of training our children to do the same.

But He has saved me.

He has provided for me and is continuing to teach and train me.

He is the most important knowledge I can ever learn about or pass on.

Jesus is the truth.

What a blessing!