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A lesson in patience

I ate my breakfast outdoors in the field on Saturday, to give the animals time to graze.

I found myself complaining to the Lord about it.

Although, the view was lovely, and the morning comfortable, not too cool or too hot, I didn’t want to be out there.

Frankly, I was tired, and wanted to stay in bed.

However, the animals take priority and I knew our day would be busy, so there I was, sitting in the field.

The crazy thing about it was, I truly do appreciate God’s gifts.

Our animals are a blessing.

Our field is a blessing.

My morning free, allowing me the time outdoors, was a blessing.

So what was my problem?

At first I couldn’t tell, but after some time in prayer I understood; I was afraid.

The reason we have to walk out to the field with the animals is we don’t have any cross fence.

We can’t just let them loose, but have to be with them so they don’t come to harm.

The Lord showed me I was worried about how we’d afford the fence as well as a few other things.

We had an unexpected bill from the dentist and another bill, coming due soon.

As I sat outside and prayed the Lord revealed my attitude was lacking trust.

Did I believe He would supply all my needs?


Then, I shouldn’t be afraid, just waiting, looking expectantly to His direction, and being diligent in the task at hand.

My husband joined me, after a while, and I shared my struggles.

We prayed together and I felt much better.

Tuesday, he called me from work.

“Honey, you’re not going to believe this, but I got a bonus.”

As he told me the amount, I burst into tears.

It would cover the dentist bill with some leftover.

We’ve not been to the feed store to price the electric fence, but I’m certain we will have it up before the rains begin and I can no longer sit outdoors.

Saturday morning, God reminded me to walk in faith, rest in His timing, and trust Him with all things.

Patiently waiting for the Lord is both wise and worthwhile.

Psalm 62:5 KJV — My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You that I can expect Your guidance, I can trust in Your ways, for no matter what may occur, You are good and I can rest in that. Lord Jesus, thank You that the most important thing, eternal life, has already been provided through Your sacrifice. Thank You for the security which I find in that. I can rest in You and know this world is not my home, just my temporary abode. Salvation! What an amazing gift You have given! Lord, thank You for this lesson in patience. Thank You that You know all my needs and I can rest in You. Whether things occur as I plan or not, You have it all in Your hands. I love You, Jesus. Thank You for first loving me. Amen.

Outdoor classroom

Little birds chirping,


softly rustling the pages,

sunlight turned green through the trees,

all these were part of our outdoor classroom.

Weather like this isn’t common in April.

It seemed like the perfect time to study among the firs.

Infact, with all the rearrangement of our yard (and lives) we recently moved a table and chairs out to a section of the wooded area.

The kids had carefully lined a path with rocks and made sure the area was raked free of limbs and twigs.

In future they will level the ground.

We are even looking forward to putting down woodchips.

Jase and I sat and worked on his school.

We read, he wrote, worked some Math problems and studied Astronomy.

All within an area I’ve never appreciated before.

Nor would I if…

my health hadn’t broken down,

our house were able to be restored,

we weren’t cutting trees to make sure the new house wasn’t in danger,


None of these things have been what I would have chosen.

Yet, if they were not occurring I wouldn’t have had an afternoon class in the outdoors.

Which leads me to wonder.

What else might be a hidden blessing in amongst all this upheaval?

Where else might the Lord be waiting?

How might the Lord use tomorrow or the next day?

Why has agitation over change been my past?

When I know Jesus is with me and every detail is woven perfectly into the tapestry of my life-song:

There’s nothing, but peace.

May the Lord be praised.

“Dear Jesus,

Thank You for a beautiful afternoon full of learning. Thank You for the moment now memory of opportunity. Please continue to walk patiently with me as I hold tightly to Your fingertips and learn to trust through all the change. Thank You for all You are teaching me. “